Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador issues statement on the situation in the country

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Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador issues statement on the situation in the country
Niels Olsen
Source: Twitter @TurismoEc
June 22, 2022

Through it, the tourist industry is informed of the situation due to the national strike and recommendations are made for trips during these days

The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador published a statement regarding the situation that the country is going through at this time. We share below:

Ecuador Tourism Board wants to keep the international tourism partners informed about the national protests that afflict the country and makes the following recommendations for travels during this month.

There are no tourists at risk and the Ministry of Tourism attended all the requests and questions received through the official communication channels from tourists currently touring the country.

Acknowledging your concern for your clients that you may have currently in Ecuador or about to leave to Ecuador in the following days, based on the latest news regarding the protests in certain regions of the country and the measures taken by local authorities as a result, we want to inform you that the protests in some Ecuador provinces such as Imbabura, Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Tungurahua, Pastaza, and the northern region of Pichincha, which includes Quito, have led the government to declare a “state of exception” to preserve the well-being of both citizens and tourists. Although the curfew has been imposed in these provinces during the night (from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.) starting June 20th, 2022, tourists are not affected and are exempted, so they can travel freely to or from the airports within the curfew hours.

Worthy of note that the curfew applies temporarily and only in the above-mentioned provinces.

It is essential to emphasize that these protests target mainly oil installations, fuel and food supply infrastructure, and major roads and expressways. Tourism infrastructure and attractions have not been affected. At all times, the authorities approve and protect any tourism activity in risk-free areas.

All country airports, including those in Quito and Guayaquil cities, are open and operating without any impact and guaranteeing efficient and safe operations.

Demonstrations have blocked certain main roads in Quito in recent days, thus, for greater peace of mind of all passengers, is recommended reserving a hotel night at the airport before the scheduled flight, to avoid any delay.

Galapagos Islands are risk-free and without demonstrations. No need to postpone or cancel travels.

Tourists continue their travels peacefully on the Pacific Coast and the Galapagos Islands, one of the key destinations in Ecuador with a unique offer for nature and adventure experiences, a destination that welcomes all tourists with open arms.

Ecuador Tourism Board will keep the channels of assistance and support open 24 hours and monitor them permanently during the protests, in order to assist any traveler, and will inform the industry and tourists about the situation in a timely manner.

For all foreign tourists who require assistance in an emergency, please contact Gabriela Suárez at +593 99 857 0334 - Director of Tourist Services User Protection.

We reiterate our commitment to guarantee the safety of all travelers and we express our confidence that the conflict will end promptly, for the mutual benefit of the country and the tourism industry as well.  After two years of pandemic, we need a stronger and more united Ecuador for a complete reactivation of the local tourism industry and to continue to welcome tourists from around the world.


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