Viva begins to fly the Medellín-São Paulo route

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Viva begins to fly the Medellín-São Paulo route
Source: Dattis
June 23, 2022

The arrival in Brazil consolidates the airline's expansion strategy, which plans to open 30 new routes in the next three years

Through its ambitious international expansion plan and its constant commitment to strengthening its Medellin HUB as a world hub for air connections, Viva begins operations on the direct international route: Medellin - São Paulo with three weekly frequencies Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays. Tickets to this new destination can be purchased from USD 179 for one way, thanks to the well-known Viva Effect that will generate a 35% reduction in the price of tickets to this city in the south of the continent.

The airline, which celebrates 10 years of experience in the airline industry and one year since the launch of its successful Medellín HUB, ratifies its purpose through this new international route to advance the air inclusion of Colombia, Latin America and the world; connecting more and more destinations in the continent at 'Super Low Cost', in the latest generation A320 NEO aircraft and with cutting-edge technology that generates efficiencies in the use of fuel and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

“Today we are an airline of global stature and proof of this are the new routes that are part of our international expansion plan. This start of operations is very important for several reasons: it strengthens our Medellin HUB as a global connection center, which will allow connecting Brazilians with the Colombian cities Cartagena, San Andrés and Santa Marta, and international destinations such as Miami, Cancún, Punta Cana and Mexico City; In addition, it will generate greater proximity between destinations and will allow more Latin Americans to travel by plane, thanks to our 'Super Low Cost' model, in which we are experts”, explained Francisco Lalinde, Vice President of Operations at Viva.

In this way, the airline will allow more and more people to travel to and from Brazil and be able to make connections to other national and international destinations, especially on routes such as Medellín – Miami, with a connection of only 50 minutes.

The arrival of Viva in Brazil consolidates the airline's expansion strategy, which plans to open 30 new routes over the next three years (starting in 2021). “Viva is a company that works to promote air inclusion, allowing people to fly more thanks to the benefits of the 'Super Low Cost' model. Entering Brazil represents one more step for our company and a commitment to all South Americans so that they can fly more and to more destinations, paying less”, assured Lalinde.

Finally, with these additional routes, Viva registers in its network 45 domestic routes in Colombia and Peru and 13 international routes to the United States, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Argentina and Brazil, thereby further strengthening its expansion plan for generate higher levels of connectivity and development in the continent.


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