Costa Rican companies are committed to social tourism

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Costa Rican companies are committed to social tourism
Source: ICT
June 23, 2022

The organizations involved facilitate the activity in accordance with the objectives of the program

Within the framework of the Social Tourism week, the ICT recognized this Wednesday the work of 36 organizations that committed themselves to the Social Tourism with Integrity program promoted by the Institution.
The recognition was given during a workshop with the participation of representatives of the 36 organizations registered in the process, which will be the first to receive the accreditation of the Social Tourism with Integrity program.
The Social Tourism with Integrity program seeks that all people, regardless of their socioeconomic or physical condition, nationality or age, can enjoy the sustainable tourist destinations that Costa Rica offers both national and international tourism.
William Rodríguez, Minister of Tourism, highlighted that the program intends that groups of older adults, with different abilities, boys and girls with economic limitations and others, can enjoy the different tourist attractions of Costa Rica.
“My commitment is to give follow-up, relevance and support to these actions and include some other institutions that have an important role in this field. This event is in accordance with my objectives of giving tourism the social status that we have lost over time by giving relevance to merely economic aspects, when the social is also relevant”, said the Minister at the opening of the workshop .
Alliances strengthen social tourism
During the past year, 36 companies fulfilled requirements and carried out actions that accredited them to carry out Social Tourism with Integrity, this being a means for many more citizens to live the experience of carrying out national tourism.
The ICT invites more companies and organizations in the country to enroll in this program
According to the International Social Work Organization, social tourism is the effects and phenomena resulting from participation in tourism, more specifically the participation of groups in conditions of vulnerability.


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