Brazil invites you to discover the All Inclusive resorts in beach destinations

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Brazil invites you to discover the All Inclusive resorts in beach destinations
Source: America Do Sul Conteudos
June 27, 2022

Warm all year round, the states of Alagoas, Bahia and Pernambuco have some of the best resorts in the country

Sun, warmth, nature and relaxation top the wish list for a winter getaway to the beaches of Brazil. Warm all year round, the states of Alagoas, Bahia and Pernambuco have some of the best resorts in the country; white sands, warm and crystal clear waters like in the Caribbean, but without hurricanes and with much lower prices. 

The northeastern state is home to some of the largest and most original Brazilian resorts, for all user profiles, from families to corporate tourism. Known for the richness of its culture and natural heritage, Bahia has a tourist infrastructure and tradition, a 900-kilometer coastline and 56 islands (although only one, Itaparica, is a tourist destination).

With heat all year round, Bahia is synonymous with carnival, music and gastronomy that mixes the Lusitanian influence with the Afro imprint. Its capital, Salvador, is known as "the black Rome", due to its racial composition and its historical importance as the first capital of Brazil. Its beaches are counted by dozens, but some of the most beautiful are Costa do Sauípe, Morro de São Paulo, Itacaré, Praia do Forte, Corumbau, Caraíva, Trancoso, Porto Seguro, Comandatuba and Boipeba. Other Bahian beaches, of immense natural beauty, do not offer the same tourist infrastructure, so choosing a resort guarantees all the comforts in one place.  

Itaparica Island is also a picturesque and tropical area (it only rains between May and July), located 10 kilometers from Salvador and with a good offer of all-inclusive establishments. Connectivity through ferries is regular, and the trip takes 45 minutes from Salvador. The variety of accommodation is guaranteed because the island has more than 500 hotels in operation; On the island you will find 40 km of beaches suitable for tourism, for all tastes: full, lively or semi-deserted. 

For those who already want a winter break, the list of the most renowned and best resorts in Bahia includes Transamérica, Costa do Sauipe Resorts, Grand Palladium Imbassaí Resort & Spa; Txai; Iberostar Praia do Forte and Iberostar Bahía; Tívoli Ecoresort, Club Med Trancoso and Arraial D´ajuda Eco Resort. Salvador has daily connections with the main air hubs in the country, such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, with several weekly flights to and from Buenos Aires. 

Maragogi, Alagoas 
Known as “the Brazilian Caribbean”, Maragogi is a corner of the Northeast known for its coral reefs that form splendid natural pools (also called Welsh pools), very close to the coast. The city is less than two hours away from the nearest capitals, that is, Maceió and Recife, both with international airports. Maragogi (pronounced maragoyí) offers resort tourism and, to a lesser extent, an independent infrastructure of hotels and inns, since on the coral coast -on the road that goes from Recife to Mararogi- there are very good options and for all budgets. , about 10 kilometers away. 
The charm of Maragogi -in addition to its stable and warm climate all year round- is the nature that is offered to the visitor without much effort: a catamaran enters from the coast to just six kilometers away and is parked there so that travelers can enjoy the pools or gales, where snorkeling allows you to swim under the crystal clear water among colorful fish.  
The most beautiful beaches in Maragogi are Antunes and Barra Grande, seven kilometers from the center along the AL-101 route, towards Recife. On this last beach, on days of low tide, a sandbar forms in the middle of the sea, known as the "Moses' Way": although the biblical reference seems obvious, the place is truly paradisiacal. In Maragogi there is what is considered the best resort in Brazil, Salinas de Maragogi Resort, which offers fun alternatives for the whole family and a privileged location to enjoy nature.  

Porto de Galinhas (Pernambuco) 
60 km from Recife, the main attraction is the pools of warm, transparent water that form between the coral banks and which can be accessed by jangadas, flat boats that allow you to navigate without hitting the corals. Due to its magnificence, Porto de Galinhas is one of the most demanded destinations in the Northeast and throughout Brazil, and its coral reef reaches the neighboring beach of Muro Alto, which has almost no waves thanks to the three kilometers of reefs that slow down the movement of the sea, softening the waves to a minimum. In the region, the Enotel Convention & Spa, the Enotel Acqua Club, the Summerville Resort, the Nannai Resort & Spa (with a hyper-exclusive branch on the island and the Fernando de Noronha nature reserve) and the Viva Porto Galinhas stand out. 


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