The Bahamas, a paradise with multiple attractions for unforgettable vacations

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The Bahamas, a paradise with multiple attractions for unforgettable vacations
Source: TM Latin America
June 27, 2022

With more than 700 islands and keys, and 16 island destinations, the Caribbean country offers experiences for families, couples and adventurers

The mid-year holidays are approaching and a paradisiacal destination to relax and recharge sounds perfect. And if not, let The Bahamas say so! Ideal for everyone, from those who prefer the beach and the sea to those who seek adventure and lots of fun. Whether as a family, as a couple or even alone, it is the perfect setting for your next trip.
An oasis made up of more than 700 islands, islets and 16 island destinations, spread across the Atlantic Ocean, the archipelago has some of the clearest waters on the planet. The temperature so characteristic of the Caribbean, both of the waters and of the climate, is the right choice for those looking for beach and sea for their vacations.
There are plenty of reasons to rush to pack your bags right now, including the fact that the destination currently has relaxed entry protocols for tourists (no longer need to present a health visa or proof for those with full vaccinations). But, aside from the practicalities, the ease of access, whether through flights or cruises, and of course the welcoming Caribbean Sea, the attractions of The Bahamas will win you over and guarantee incredible times.
Did you know, for example, that it has the largest underwater cave systems in the world, the third largest barrier reef in the world, and a series of long-forgotten shipwrecks? What combined with the crystal clear turquoise waters is the perfect place for activities such as diving and snorkeling.
In the Exumas, southeast of Nassau, capital of The Bahamas, wildlife is one of the most important tourist attractions in the midst of nature. There are the famously adorable swimming pigs on Big Majors Cay. Popularly called Pig Beach, it's a huge hit, and not just with kids. There it is also possible to feed iguanas, dive with dolphins, pet rays, see starfish and, for the brave, swim with nurse sharks.
The Bahamas is definitely a dream for divers, professional or not. But the destination goes far beyond what is found in the oceans. Bird watching has become a great adventure in the islands, especially in Nassau. Bird watchers from all over the world venture out to see exotic tropical species in their natural habitat.
Still in the capital, contact with nature is also possible by visiting the Ardastra Gardens, the only wildlife conservation center in The Bahamas, where there are around 200 animals including flamingos, reptiles, monkeys, iguanas, leopards and wild cats. , to name a few.
In The Bahamas the possibilities are endless if you are a lover of nature and animals. In addition, two other strengths of the country are the cultural and gastronomic experiences. In the cultural field, the highlight is to participate and enjoy the Junkanoo, one of the most celebrated and lively carnivals in the Caribbean. Amidst colorful costumes, music and lots of dancing, participants spend months preparing for the pageantry of this street parade to the constant beat of whistles, noisemakers, horns and drums.
As for gastronomy, prepare to become a "foodie". The history and culture of The Bahamas is also very well told through the cuisine, which deliciously blends British, Spanish and Caribbean flavors, giving the exquisite dishes a unique identity. Each island brings a touch of flavor that guarantees a more than pleasant experience.
The list of attractions in The Bahamas is extensive since, in addition to those mentioned, there are also the two largest casinos in the Caribbean, located in the Baha Mar and Atlantis Paradise Island resorts, and award-winning golf courses, which have hosted numerous international championships.


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