Fall in love with Brazil’s natural wonders in the world’s largest rainforest

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Fall in love with Brazil’s natural wonders in the world’s largest rainforest
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June 27, 2022

Traveling to get in touch with nature is a very nice experience. Traveling to get in touch with nature in the midst of the world’s largest rainforest is a wow experience. And it's one you can have in Brazil, in a safe and comfortable way

With beautiful landscapes and countless natural resources throughout its territory, Brazil is one of the best ecotourism destinations in the world, and offers activities that include watching the wildlife, hiking, sport fishing, horseback riding, visiting caves and much more. All of that in six impressive biomes, which include the Amazon Forest, with diverse flora and fauna that make it one of the most efficient ecosystems in the world. 

For adventure seekers, the capital of the state of Amazonas, Manaus, stands out as the greatest metropolis in the region, and is the main gateway for those who want to visit the Forest. Boats are widely used as means of transport, both to get to the jungle hotels and to check out the meeting of the waters of the Negro and Solimões Rivers. Visitors can also enjoy attractions such as the pink dolphins in Anavilhanas National Park and visit resorts like Praia da Lua (Moon Beach). 

A cruise around the Amazon River is a great way to have an immersive experience in nature, without letting go of comfort. You can visit the Forest by traveling along the rivers on a luxury cruise. The tour includes a speedboat ride, a walk in the forest, observing the fauna and flora, fishing for piranhas, seeing the meeting of the waters, and much more. Tours on large rivers or narrow streams also provide contact with riverside communities, and give you the opportunity to discover the indigenous influence on Brazilian culture. 

The local cuisine, with is exotic dishes, is definitely the yummiest way to experience the indigenous influence in the region. Among the local dishes that make visitors curious is tacacá, a kind of soup made with tucupi (a cassava-based sauce), dried shrimp, cassava starch and jambu leaves. Among the local fish, the main ones are tambaqui, matrinxã, jaraqui, tucunaré and pirarucu, roasted, stewed or fried. For dessert, local fruits are recommended, such as açaí, araçá, cupuaçu, soursop, buriti and taperebá. You can find these delicacies in several restaurants in the city, on the waterfront of Ponta Negra Beach and even from street vendors.

All of this preserved culture and nature are perfect for making great travelling memories. In addition, the region offers options for the more adventurous, and for those who seek to relax with their family in a stunning setting. 

For North American tourists, it is all but hard to visit Brazil. An adventure in the Brazilian Amazon does not require a visa and tourists can also benefit from a favorable exchange rate. Not to mention that Brazil has an immense air network, which takes you to several spots in the country. In addition to the Amazon, you can visit other biomes on the same trip and be amazed by the incredible landscapes and impressive tours. Go to visitbrasil.com/en to learn more about other Brazilian destinations that you should include on your itinerary. A wow experience awaits you in this South American giant.


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