Cendyn announces partnership with OpenTable

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Cendyn announces partnership with OpenTable
Tim Sullivan, Cendyn
Source: Cendyn
June 28, 2022

The agreement allows hotel restaurants to recognize, reward, and incentivize their most loyal guests through their dining experiences

Cendyn, a catalyst for digital transformation in the hospitality industry, is excited to announce its partnership with OpenTable, a leading restaurant platform, to allow hotel and resort restaurants the ability to link key guest, dining and loyalty CRM data across both restaurant and hotel guest profiles.

The new integration between Cendyn’s eInsight CRM and OpenTable provides hotel-based restaurants visibility into holistic guest insights, bringing a unified view of profiles onto the OpenTable restaurant platform. This allows for personalized dining experiences and enables loyalty recognition across the entire guest journey at the restaurant and across the hotel property.

Hotel guests can now be welcomed at a property’s restaurant with personalized insights, including dietary and dining preferences, loyalty status, and other details related to their current or previous stays. This eliminates the complexity of managing two separate guest profiles and makes delivering incredible hospitality seamless and effortless for the hotel and dining teams.

“This new partnership offers exciting personalization and guest engagement capabilities for any hotel with dining facilities. By combining the power and reach of OpenTable’s restaurant platform and dining network with Cendyn’s eInsight CRM, we can now provide hotel and resort restaurants a single, real-time view of their most loyal guests,” said Tim Sullivan, CEO & President at Cendyn. “By empowering hotel staff with a single view of guest data to recognize, reward, and incentivize their guests, our customers have more opportunities to increase guest loyalty and satisfaction.”


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