Colombian issuing market far exceeds pre-pandemic levels

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Colombian issuing market far exceeds pre-pandemic levels
Source: Twitter @BOG_ELDORADO
June 28, 2022

According to data reported by ANATO, between January and May, the flow of Colombians abroad reached an increase of 6%, compared to the same period in 2019

Tourism has been a key piece for the recovery of the economy of the countries; and one of the aspects that has allowed its progress is the reduction in travel restrictions, which have made possible the normalization of international travel and the confidence that, in the case of Colombia, the outgoing tourism figures show representative growth . 

In fact, the first five months of 2022 reveal encouraging numbers for this tourism, since ANATO estimates that, based on data from Migración Colombia, between January and May, the flow of Colombians abroad reached an increase of 6% with 1 .9 million travelers, compared to the 1.8 million registered in the same period of 2019. For its part, only in May, this increase was 15%.

“The work of the Travel Agencies in the creation of more packages to new destinations and their preparation facing the orientation to their clients to provide them with the most complete information of the travel requirements, make them important promoters of these positive results. stated Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO.

It should be noted that, between January and May, for reasons of tourism, events and business, Central America and the Caribbean concentrated a 39% share as a destination in the departure of Colombians abroad; followed by North America, with 29%; and Europe, with 18%.

While, in relation to growth levels, compared to the same period in 2019, the regions that led were Central America and the Caribbean, with 28%, and destinations such as Mexico and the Dominican Republic; Europe, with 27%, to destinations such as Spain and France; Asia, with 5% going to Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel; and finally North America, with an increase of 4%, towards the United States and Canada.

“This industry has shown that it is not afraid of changes and new challenges, and for this reason, we will continue working to train our Travel Agencies for the different markets and thus encourage innovation in their packages and the creation of new adventures for travelers. tourists”, explained the union leader.


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