Sabre Completes Initial Phase of SynXis Retail Studio Launch

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Sabre Completes Initial Phase of SynXis Retail Studio Launch
Source: Sabre
July 01, 2022

Pilot client Cordis Hotels & Resorts sees a 53% increase in experience sales, 46% merchandise sales and 35% service sales

Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR), a leading software and technology provider powering the global travel industry, has completed the initial phase of its launch of SynXis Retail Studio, which was created to transform the future of hotel retail and offer the personalized travel experience guests expect.

Cordis Hotels & Resorts in Hong Kong has been a pilot customer for SynXis Retail Studio since 2019. Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, since the introduction of SynXis Retail Studio, Cordis has seen a 53% increase in experiences, a 46% increase in merchandise and a 35% increase in services sold per room night, compared to the same period in 2019.

The ability to diversify and move beyond ordinary attribute-based selling is key for hoteliers in today's environment. SynXis Retail Studio, which is the latest solution to be added to the SynXis platform, enables hoteliers to diversify by selling products, services, experiences, merchandise, policies and more by attribute at the point of distribution. This ability to sell virtually anything results in more opportunities to create additional revenue streams outside of the room.

"SynXis Retail Studio represents a significant change in the landscape of the industry," shared Scott Wilson, President of Saber Hospitality. "With the development of this revolutionary technology, we seek to redefine the way hoteliers do business and put a special focus on the guest experience. At Sabre, we have focused intensely on driving a wide range of integrated, efficient and easy-to-use solutions. that help unlock exceptional value and revenue for hoteliers. The results we've seen through the pilot phase of SynXis Retail Studio demonstrate our success in achieving this and mark an important step towards our truly personalized vision of travel."

SynXis Retail Studio enables hoteliers to deliver a personalized guest experience by expanding customer options. Hoteliers can focus on generating incremental revenue by increasing upsell options, while creating a memorable guest experience unique to their brand.

“To succeed in today's competitive industry, it's critical that hoteliers have the right technology to meet customer expectations,” said Tom Winrow, Vice President of Product Management, Saber Hospitality. “With SynXis Retail Studio, hoteliers can sell just about anything. The right combination of services and 'ancillaries' or ancillary services will allow hoteliers to better reinforce their brand positioning during the guest reservation process. SynXis Retail Studio has already helped support double-digit revenue growth for our pilot properties, and we are excited to see the benefits for the broader industry as we move beyond the pilot phase."

SynXis Retail Studio is directly integrated with SynXis Central Reservations and SynXis Booking Engine, and future functionality is expected to offer the opportunity to use predictive analytics through machine learning to optimize revenue.


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