Rise in Sky ticket sales reaches 87% for the winter holidays

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Rise in Sky ticket sales reaches 87% for the winter holidays
Source: Newmedia
July 05, 2022

Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires are the favorite destinations

According to data from SKY, it is expected that for the holidays of this 2022 the favorite destinations in Brazil will be the ones that record the greatest increase in demand, this compared to the same period of 2019, the last year before the pandemic. Projections point to 87% more air tickets being sold to Sao Paulo and 54% to Rio de Janeiro.

Meanwhile, for Florianopolis, one of the company's most recent routes, about 4 thousand people are expected to travel. In the case of this last city, the first winter flight was brought forward to July 3. 

Also internationally, Buenos Aires continues to be one of the favorite destinations for vacations. For this 2022, it is projected that 36% more passengers will travel than in the same period of 2019. Meanwhile, Mendoza will also have an increase of about 25%, an unmissable destination very close to Santiago. Meanwhile, about 28,000 people are expected in Lima for the winter break.

Local destinations are also a great opportunity to tour Chile at low cost thanks to SKY Airline, a Low Cost airline that offers plans tailored to each passenger. According to company data, the city that will grow the most in ticket sales by 2022 is Osorno, with 70% more tickets sold, followed by Valdivia with 42% more passengers.

Meanwhile, other cities in Chile that will record an increase in visitors for these holidays are Puerto Montt (10%), Copiapo (21%) and La Serena (6%). Iconic cities of our country that are preparing to receive families from all over the country. Meanwhile, for the city of Iquique, more than 30 thousand passengers are expected for the month of July.


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