Secretary of Tourism of Mexico highlighted the role of the tourism trade

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Secretary of Tourism of Mexico highlighted the role of the tourism trade
Source: Sectur
July 06, 2022

Miguel Torruco Marqués, participated in the celebration of the Day of the Travel Agent, organized by AMAV CDMX, Fematur and Canaco CDMX

The Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, highlighted the importance of the role played by tour operators and travel agencies as a strategic and irreplaceable link in the productive chain of the tourism sector, since they are a fundamental factor in the promotion and commercialization of the tourist offer of a destination at a local, regional, national and international level.

Leading the celebration of the Day of the Travel Agent, organized by the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies of Mexico City (AMAV CDMX), the Mexican Federation of Tourist Associations (Fematur) and the Chamber of Commerce of Mexico City ( Canaco CDMX), the head of the Tourism Secretariat (Sectur) emphasized: “You are the ones who know the tourist heritage of our destinations, and who have a direct link with airlines, hotels, land carriers, among other services; therefore, they are the ideal advisers to design a trip tailored to the client, and provide them with a unique and unforgettable experience”.

Noting that fraud continues in so-called "ghost" travel agencies, the Secretary of Tourism instructed the Undersecretary of Tourism, Humberto Hernández Haddad, in coordination with the head of the Federal Consumer Attorney's Office (Profeco), Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, and the Cybernetic Police, a round table is held with the presidents of travel agency associations, to put an end to this enormous problem that today affects this guild.

Torruco Marqués indicated that, according to the National Tourism Registry, there are 9,083 current travel agencies as of May 2022, which represent 1% in the distribution of tourist weight.

He stressed that through constant training and updating, travel agents have been able to adapt to new times, to the new challenges required by the accelerated development of science applied to tourism, to survive and remain in competition for the market.

He pointed out that in the world, there are 4 thousand 660 million Internet users, that is, almost 60% of the world population. In Mexico there are 92.1 million Internet users, through any device, that is, about 71% of the total population of our country.

"The new technological tools allow us to innovate in terms of promotion, dissemination and marketing of tourist attractions, products and destinations, under a different approach and with unlimited potential," said Torruco Marqués.

He urged that the sector be prepared to face new challenges, new ways of doing tourism and integrating the product, with tourist packages that respond to the demands of an increasingly informed and demanding tourist. 

He recognized that we must work together to create tourism that drives economic development and is a source of social reconciliation; that supports those who have been left behind and protects our environment, our historical, cultural and gastronomic identity, and consolidates business activity at all levels.

For his part, the president of Canaco CDMX, José de Jesús Rodríguez Cárdenas, commented that “to get ahead in any sector, without a doubt, unity between authorities and all members of the tourism sector is required, with strategies, campaigns and generation of new products".

On his occasion, the president of AMAV CDMX, Julián Arroyo Corvera, pointed out: “Today we celebrate women and men who have dedicated their lives to the exciting adventure of being a travel agent, and we are sure that the new generations of tourism professionals they will marvel at this beautiful and noble activity.”

Meanwhile, the president of Fematur, Jorge Hernández Delgado, agreed with the Secretary of Tourism, stating that travel agents are irreplaceable. "Travel agents in Mexico continue to be the main channel for the distribution and promotion of tourism products, recognized by our own suppliers, which means that neither the Internet nor other forms of marketing have replaced us, nor will they replace us" , he stated.

The president of the Mexican Group of Associations of Travel Agencies and Tourism Companies (GMA), Judith Guerra, indicated that "our main objective is the union of all participants in tourism, to strengthen and highlight the important role of travel agencies ”.

Recognizing the work of travel agents, the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico City, Rebeca Sánchez Sandín, said that "they are the key element between the destination and the tourist, as they are the ones in charge of advising and managing the logistics that guarantees a safe trip to all visitors.”

During the celebration of the Day of the Travel Agent, the Undersecretary of Tourism, Humberto Hernández Haddad; the Federal Consumer Attorney, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla; the honorary president of the Mixed Fund for Tourism Promotion of Mexico City, Gabriela Cámara Bargellini; the Secretary of Tourism of Tamaulipas, Fernando Olivera Rocha; among other presidents of important tourist associations in Mexico.


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