ICT welcomes the new members of its Board of Directors

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ICT welcomes the new members of its Board of Directors
Source: ICT
July 11, 2022

Stephanie Sheehy Protti, Deyfa Sutherland Nelson and José Antonio Girald Amador, prominent people from the Costa Rican tourism sector, join

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute extends a cordial welcome to the two new directors and the new director who will join the ICT Board of Directors during 2022-2026 starting next Monday, when the sessions of this hierarchical body will resume.
Stephanie Sheehy Protti, Deyfa Sutherland Nelson and José Antonio Girald Amador, prominent people in the Costa Rican tourism sector, join.
“We offer the warmest welcome to the new directors of the ICT Board of Directors, who will undoubtedly contribute to making relevant decisions for the institute in the face of new challenges and within the framework of the recovery of the Costa Rican tourism industry” , expressed Alberto López, General Manager of the ICT.
According to the Organic Law of the ICT (Laws No. 5507 and No.1917) and the regulations of the sessions of the Board of Directors, the conformation is made up of seven people appointed by the Governing Council.
The Board of Directors of the ICT is made up of the Executive President of the ICT, together with six people with extensive knowledge or recognized experience in the field of activities of the corresponding institution, or with a professional title recognized by the State, appointed by the Governing Council .
These appointments are valid for a period of eight years from their swearing-in. The three people mentioned will complete the Board of Directors of the ICT currently integrated by William Rodríguez López, Minister of Tourism and Executive President; Juliet Chan Blanco; Gustavo Araya Carvajal and Pablo Antonio Chacón Zúñiga.
Professionals with extensive tourism experience
The new directors have extensive professional experience in the tourism sector and have carried out active work in associations and trade union chambers.
Stephanie Sheehy Protti is recognized for being the Founder of the Accessible Tourism Network, a non-profit association that has managed to enable more than 10 beaches for people with special needs on both coasts of our country through the creation of walkways and amphibious chairs for entrance to the sea from recycled wood generated with plastic caps, thus achieving universal access spaces.
Promoter of accessible tourism at the national and international level, she is also the General Manager and founder of the family tour operator Il Viaggio Travel for 15 years, and represents Costa Rica in the ISTO Working Group (international organization of social and accessible tourism ). She also integrates the National Committee of the Institute of Technical Standards of Costa Rica (INTECO).
For her part, Deyfa Sutherland Nelson is an administrator, biochemist - pharmacist by profession and businesswoman from Limón at Karité Cosmetics Academy, which stands out for its ecological and social projection, focused on the circular economy, the generation of jobs and the sustainable development of the region. Atlantic.
Sutherland is a leader in women's groups in the Caribbean area and has developed products in the area of ​​wellness, amenities and health in general. She excels in community project management and strategic planning. She is committed to innovation and the creation of opportunities for the development of sources of employment for women in the Costa Rican Caribbean.
Currently, he is a member of the board of directors and Tourism Commission of the Federation of Chambers of Costa Rica and of the Limón Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. She is also a tour organizer for the cruise season.
Finally, José Antonio Giralt Amador, an administrator by profession, has extensive knowledge of the development of aeronautics and airlines in Costa Rica. He was General Manager of Global Air Service for Costa Rica and Central America until his retirement.
His experience and skills include airline and project management, Futurology; He is a historian, writer, aeronautical scale model maker, collector of photographs, documents and philately related to the history of aviation.
He was President of the Board of Directors of the Academy of Aeronautical History and of the Air Mail of Costa Rica. He is the Prosecutor of the Board of Directors of the Association for the Elderly of Llano Grande de Cartago. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Costa Rican Aeronautical Association. Likewise, he was Founder of the Academy of Aeronautical History and the Air Mail of Costa Rica and the Aeronautical Museum of Costa Rica.


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