Quito aspires to close 2022 with more than 500 thousand foreign visitors

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Quito aspires to close 2022 with more than 500 thousand foreign visitors
Source: Twitter @EPMQuitoTurismo
July 11, 2022

The Capital of the Center of the World has designed an articulated and sustained strategy to promote the economic reactivation of the city, the tourism sector and its production chain

At the City Art Hotel Silberstein, the mayor, Santiago Guarderas, and the General Manager of Quito Tourism, Cristina Rivadeneira, held a discussion with the media to publicize the planning and activities scheduled for the economic reactivation of the city, in the tourist field.

The mayor said that it is important to work on the economic reactivation of the city after the demonstrations that left many losses, which only in infrastructure of municipal companies total USD 3 million. He cited as an example that municipal transport had a loss of USD 1 million, drinking water USD 900 thousand, Epmmop parking USD 500 thousand and the most affected sector was tourism.

Guarderas made an invitation for national and foreign visitors to come to the city and enjoy the summer. Security is being worked on in a coordinated manner between the municipality and the National Police so that visitors can safely tour the city.

The manager of Quito Tourism indicated that the sector was affected with more than USD 26.8 million, and its consequences will be seen in the long term due to the cancellation of tours and routes. However, strong promotion was carried out in the US, UK and Europe, in the main international markets (Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Barcelona) promoting visits to the capital in July, August and December, months that will have a varied cultural and artistic program.

As part of the opening of Quito to the world, the city received the Ecuadorian-Dutch photographer, Cris Toala Olivares, who will tour the country as part of the slow tourism project Ecuador 200/90. Likewise, from July 15 to 17, the Capital of the Center of the World will be part of the Birdfair Global Fair, in the United Kingdom, to publicize all the richness and biodiversity that the Metropolitan District has and that has made it one of the most important destinations in the world in birdwatching.

Rivadeneira also reported that Quito was one of the 10 winners of the 'Future Tourism' international contest, promoted by the IDB on technological and tourism analysis. 170 countries and cities participated in this event and the capital of the Republic will have non-reimbursable funds to promote these tools in La Mariscal, Centro Histórico and the Chocó Andino.

The manager of Quito Tourism highlighted the importance of Quito being the first city in Latin America to receive the 'Giro d'Italia Ride Like a Pro', an international event that will allow the participation of at least 3,000 cyclists and 50,000 spectators, invigorating thus the economy of the city with an approximate income of 4 million dollars.

He also pointed out that from July 12 to 18 the caravan 'Your story begins in Quito' will tour the central and southern highlands of the country to present the city's tourist offer for summer 2022, where tourist routes, circuits in parks and tours stand out. cycling through different areas of the city.

Among other Quito Tourism projects, the 'Hueca Fest 2022' scheduled for August was mentioned; the 'Destination Quito Travel Expo' fair, a business conference with international buyers that will take place in October; the creation of the Rural Tourism Network; support for the initiative 'El Centro flourishes with you'; the 'I am a host of my city' program to train taxi drivers from the Historic Center, La Mariscal and the Mariscal Sucre International Airport; the launch of the Training Plan 2022-2023, where it is planned to train at least 1,200 tourism actors from the DMQ; and the simplification of the procedures to obtain the Tourist Registry and the 'Distintivo Q' quality seal.

At the end of the discussion, the media were able to learn about one of the proposals of the 'Bicentennial à la carte' menu, a program that rescues and disseminates the food heritage of the heroic deed of 1822.


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