Chile opens winter season 2022

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Chile opens winter season 2022
Source: Sernatur
July 12, 2022

The national director of Sernatur has said that they project more than 4.7 million trips with overnight stays, that is, 37% more than in the same period of 2021 and 81.5% more than in the winter holidays of 2019

Tourism authorities and the Association of Ski Centers of Chile (Aceski) arrived to the mountain range of the Metropolitan Region of Santiago to give the go to the snow season, which this year will expect to approach the million skiers who were received in the years before the pandemic and so many other people who will go up to these establishments to enjoy the experiences associated with snow and mountains.

La directora nacional de Sernatur, Beatriz Román, quien fue parte de la ceremonia de lanzamiento realizada en Valle Nevado, sostuvo que “en la extensión de todo nuestro país contamos con una oferta diversa de actividades de nieve, a las que pueden acceder turistas nacionales y extranjeros para disfrutar de la montaña. Para esta temporada invernal, proyectamos más de 4,7 millones de viajes frecuentes con pernoctación, es decir, un 37% más que en el mismo periodo de 2021 y un 81,5% más que en vacaciones de invierno de 2019, antes del inicio de la pandemia”.

The authority also emphasized the arrival of Brazilian tourists, who are the ones who most demand this type of experience in our country. “The Brazilian market is very important for Chile, especially at this time. Only between the months of June and July, we will receive 40 thousand tourists of this nationality, corresponding to 17% of the Brazilians that we project to receive this year, which is more than 237 thousand”, pointed out Román.

James Ackerson, president of Aceski, said that “we hope this year to get closer to the million skiers that we had on average in the years before the pandemic, although we also look very favorably on all the visits that go up not only to ski but to discover the snow". Likewise, Ackerson announced one of the main novelties with which it is expected that more people can access the mountain and the experiences associated with snow.

This is Chilesquía, an initiative that seeks to create skiers, giving them the opportunity to practice this sport with classes and equipment for only $30,000. To do this, all ski centers have 8,550 places available for all Chileans to apply and learn to ski during August. All the information about this opportunity is at

News from the ski centers for the winter season
The launch of the 2022 winter season was also attended by representatives of the twelve winter centers associated with Aceski: Portillo, La Parva, El Colorado, Parques de Farellones, Valle Nevado, Nevados de Chillán, Antuco Volcano, Corralco, Ski No Limit, Antillanca, Osorno Volcano and Punta Arenas Andean Club.

These are the novelties that each one of them has for this snow season:

The main novelty is that after two years without being able to open the hotel, finally on June 24 the official inauguration of its 2022 season was held. In terms of infrastructure, just before the arrival of the pandemic, they made a significant investment in a modern snow-making system, which has 25 state-of-the-art machines that ensure the operation of the center. “We are very happy to welcome our guests and skiers again; and we trust that this winter the snow will accompany us and it will be a great season”, Miguel Purcell, general manager of Ski Portillo.

La Parva
During the summer season, a new slope was created and cleaning work was carried out on those in the upper area of ​​the centre, in order to improve the skier's experience. "We hope that the 2022 season will allow us to receive the number of tourists before the pandemic and thus recover part of the losses of previous years," Camila Margozzini, commercial manager of La Parva. 

El Colorado
The center has a new section for beginners, children and non-skiers with day and night activities. “This year, El Colorado extended its snow-making capacity, thus ensuring a long season, full of surprises and entertainment”, Juan Cristóbal Fuentes, general manager of Andacor SA 

Parques de Farellones
With the award of the tender in the Villarrica Volcano, Parques de Farellones grows in this important region of the country. “The opening of the borders and the desire to do outdoor activities make Parque de Farellones once again a mountain of entertainment for families and friends”, Mike Izquierdo, director of Servicios Andacor SA

Valle Nevado
After three years, it returns to 100% with three hotels and all its services, expecting to receive almost 250 thousand visitors this 2022. “Something that makes us very proud and that confirms our purpose with the care of people, the mountain and the planet is having once again received the certification for using clean energy in the operation of all our Non-Conventional Renewable Energy (NCRE) lifts by Enel”, Ricardo Margulis, general manager of Valle Nevado. 

Nevados de Chillán
New snow garden and Magic Carpet on the Novices slope for classes and initiation activities for children, the new Garganta cafeteria located in the middle part of the Tres Marías slope with spectacular terraces, a new slope in the upper part, expansion of parking lots, renovated rental with more than 1,500 new equipment, new Ski Shop, new layout of the Tío Willy square, renovated debutants area with more accessible alternatives for those who are just starting out, new infirmary with greater capacity, comfort and connection and much more is what this center has. "We are waiting for you in Nevados de Chillán with hotels, gastronomy, activities, hot springs and skiing for the whole family", Manuel Danmark, general manager of Nevados de Chillán.

Antuco Volcano 
The main novelty is the incorporation of snowmobiles for walks through the mountain village sector. "The Antuco Volcano Ski Center awaits you to enjoy a unique place, where the Antuco volcano and the Laja Lagoon complement each other and give us a spectacular landscape", Raúl Olave, general manager of Antuco Volcano.

The novelties of Corralco are the extension of the Christmas lift and the acquisition of the new Pisten Bully 400. "At Corralco, we are sure that you will come back", James Ackerson, general manager of Corralco.

Ski No Limit
For this season, it has new lighting, a toboggan run and a night ski slope. “A mountain of emotions”, Alfonso Quilodrán, manager and owner of Ski No Limit.

They will have a snow groomer with Winche and, in August and September, they will have renovated hotel rooms and points of sale with a renewed gastronomic offer. “Antillanca offers the possibility of skiing in Chilean Patagonia, surrounded by native forest, with a hotel on foot of slopes and a ski area of ​​more than 400 hectares for all ski levels”, Juan Agustín Rodríguez, general manager of Antillanca.

Osorno Volcano
It has a new implementation of shelters for groups of students. “The increase in visitors that we have had in the volcano motivates us to continue growing”, Santiago Vidal, general manager of Volcán Osorno.

Andean Club Punta Arenas
In the Andean Club they renovated their cafeteria and they await people with a better product menu, in addition to the new reception structure at the summit. “Come ski to the south of the south”, Felipe Covarrubias, president of Club Andino Punta Arenas.

A few weeks ago Sernatur and the Undersecretary of Tourism launched the promotional campaign for the season called Invernantes, so that Chilean men and women can enjoy winter in Chile. With this campaign, national tourism will be encouraged in winter, emphasizing the attractions of the season, understanding that the tourism industry is prepared to receive national tourists who travel between June and September.


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