RIU Hotels & Resorts presents results of sustainability and social investment

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RIU Hotels & Resorts presents results of sustainability and social investment
Source: RIU Hotels & Resorts
July 15, 2022

The company's 2021 sustainability report was announced at the event

With the intention of sharing its sustainability and social investment results and its CSR objectives for 2022, RIU Hotels & Resorts today held an informative meeting at the Riu Playa Park hotel in Playa de Palma. The event, which was attended by the media and collaborators from the third sector, featured talks by Carmen Riu, CEO of RIU, Catalina Alemany, director of CSR, and Lola Trián, head of Sustainability. In it, the 2021 Sustainability Report was presented for the first time, as well as a balance of the CSR actions carried out by the company throughout the year.

In a context of economic and social recovery, after overcoming the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 acted as a year of transition towards RIU's Corporate Social Responsibility objective. Although it meant a change in the priorities of the CSR, its lines of action were aimed at maintaining and strengthening people's safety, marking a year full of social advances. That is why, during the presentation, Catalina Alemany shared the results of social investment and contributions to NGOs in the chain, which reflect the work carried out together with allies.

In 2021, RIU invested a total of 820,156 euros, which were allocated to 29 projects developed in collaboration with 24 strategic allies. The main line of action has continued to be children (72% of the investment) with health, social development and education projects mainly. The direct beneficiaries have been 8,769 children and adolescents, while the actions indirectly positively impacted 38,830 people. The goal for 2022 is very ambitious, as RIU expects to exceed the social investment made in 2018, before the pandemic, reaching an investment of 1,566,000 euros. In addition, for the first time in the sector, all the work has been followed up with a system for assessing the social impact of the projects.

For her part, Lola Trián presented RIU's Sustainability achievements, highlighting the creation of the energy purchasing department, the digitization of processes and the maintenance of certifications in Mexico and Spain. Despite the conditions that the chain had to face, 2021 was a year of courageous decision-making and new investments.

The meeting concluded with a presentation on the company's challenges for 2022 in terms of Sustainability and social investment by Carmen Riu. RIU Hotels & Resorts does not conceive of the future of CSR in tourism without first undergoing a social transformation in which investment in sustainability plays a fundamental role as a lever for change in tourist destinations. For this reason, the company has the objective and commitment to look ahead, in an effort to continue advancing towards the CSR that it has designed.   


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