4th CLIA Brasil Forum 2022 will take place in September

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4th CLIA Brasil Forum 2022 will take place in September
Source: Agência Guanabara
July 19, 2022

The event, which has free and limited registration, will discuss the present and future of Cruises, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Tourism, in Brasília

After a two-year hiatus, the 4th CLIA Brasil Forum 2022 has its date confirmed for September 14th. The event, organized by CLIA Brasil (Brazilian Association of Maritime Cruises), takes place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Tourism, in Brasília, and brings together authorities and major players in the cruise market in a day of debates and reflections on trends and challenges for the development of this important tourist activity in the country.

The timing couldn't be more opportune. The 2022/2023 Cruise Season promises to be the biggest in the last 10 years. With an expected duration of almost six months – from October 29 to April 20 – it will have eight cabotage vessels that will offer more than 674 thousand beds, making it possible to exceed the levels of cruisers embarked in 2019/2020, the last navigation period carried out before of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, another highlight of the upcoming season is the presence of 35 long-haul ships, which depart from international destinations, stop in Brazil and follow their itineraries, putting the country back on the route of important shipping companies around the world.

Despite positive expectations, there is the realization that the numbers could be much better with advances and adjustments in regulation, infrastructure and development of new destinations. “As good as the estimates are, Brazil still has a lot to grow. If we divide these more than 600 thousand cruise passengers by the country's population, we see that they do not even represent 0.5% of the total. That is, it is still a very low penetration. In the United States, for example, this number reaches 4%, in Australia, 6%. If we reach 2% here, we will already have around 4 million passengers”, says Marco Ferraz, president of CLIA Brasil

The potential of Cruises in Brazil is undeniable and it is in this context that the 4th CLIA Brasil Forum 2022 brings together people, bodies and entities, with varied expertise and views, to address obstacles, debate trends, goals and projections, aiming at a common objective: leverage the sector, generate more jobs and contribute to the national economy.

“The objective of CLIA is to improve the business environment to attract more Cruise Ships, open doors to destinations, strengthen tourism and have a successful partnership with the country and communities, generating jobs and income, always putting health and the safety of guests, crew and the cities visited, the protection of the environment and compliance in the first place”, completes Marco Ferraz.


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