New WTTC report reveals tourism situation in the United States

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New WTTC report reveals tourism situation in the United States
Source: Twitter @iflymia
July 20, 2022

The World Travel and Tourism Council published a study with data that reflects the recovery of the market

New data released today by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and its partner ForwardKeys on international flight booking trends reveals that the long-awaited recovery in international traveler spending in the US is finally underway. .

According to research, inbound travelers are returning in droves after the US government dropped the pre-entry COVID test requirement.

But while ForwardKeys data shows bookings are up 93% over the past six weeks compared to the same period last year, international spending in the US still lags other destinations and is not expected to reach pre-pandemic levels by 2025.

“The surge in inbound bookings validates the US government's decision to ease travel restrictions by eliminating testing for visitors and returning US citizens, something other economies did a long time ago,” said Julia Simpson. , President and CEO of WTTC.

“The year-over-year improvement is promising, but there is still some way to go for travel to the US. At the current rate of recovery, international visitor spending will not reach pre-pandemic levels until 2025.”

Simpson continued: "This finding echoes our previous study showing that the US lags behind other countries in international visitors, resulting in a slower-than-expected recovery in international tourism receipts. ".

WTTC's latest annual Economic Impact Report (EIR) showed that international visitor spending in 2021 grew by just 1.4%, reaching $40.3 billion, but well below the total of $190.9 billion from 2019. The report predicts that the Travel & Tourism sectors of many countries will recover to pre-pandemic numbers next year, but the US is not expected to fully recover until 2025.

Iconic US Cities Remain Popular Destinations
According to the latest flight booking data, iconic US cities continue to be popular destinations for visitors from the US, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Orlando in the lead.

Over the past four weeks, there has also been a sharp increase in bookings for inbound flights to Ft. Lauderdale, rising 7% since this time last month.

The main source markets for inbound international travel are Canada, Germany, France and Brazil. Chile and Japan also recently joined the top origin markets with a significant increase in inbound flight bookings over the last four weeks by 28% and 8%, respectively.

Outbound International Travel Approaches Pre-Pandemic Levels
Driven by strong 35% year-over-year growth compared to 2021, U.S. outbound flight bookings have reached near pre-pandemic levels, leaving only 5% below 2019 bookings.

International destinations such as Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, the United Kingdom and Italy top the list of American travelers looking for a getaway. Joining the top destinations, the Philippines has seen an 8% increase in outbound flight bookings over the last four weeks alone.

Simpson added: “The good news is that the travel and tourism sector is resilient and sensible border crossing policies and reduced restrictions are helping fuel the sector's recovery. But more international travel is key to ensuring the pace and scale of full recovery."

WTTC has been tracking international travel trends for over 30 years. With the help of knowledge partners like ForwardKeys, WTTC publishes a series of research reports each year, delving into topics such as the economic contribution of the travel and tourism sector, job creation, market growth and more.


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