Costa Rica promotes itself in Germany through art

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Costa Rica promotes itself in Germany through art
Source: ICT
July 20, 2022

An exhibition of 12 large-format photographs is exhibited in the Red City Hall, an emblematic building in Berlin from July 18 to August 14

For almost a month, the emblematic building of the Red City Hall in Berlin, Germany will temporarily sow a colorful flowering Costa Rican forest, hosting the exhibition of large-format photographs "Magic Trees" by Giancarlo Pucci.

The project, with a high tourist, cultural, artistic and environmental impact, is an invitation to potential German and European tourists to reconnect with what is truly essential in life. In addition, it will allow an approach to the natural beauty of our country, added to the objective of promoting Costa Rica as a destination, and encouraging visits to our country in an artistic and creative way.

This exhibition was possible thanks to the support and efforts made by the representatives of the Embassy of Costa Rica in Germany, who recommended precisely the Red City Hall of Berlin, because this property is considered a fundamental piece of architecture, a building with high traffic of visitors and recognized in the history of the city. It is currently the seat of the Mayor and Senate of Berlin.

The photographic exhibition will remain open to the German public from July 18 to August 14 and has 12 large-format images of 10 species of trees, from a selection made by the photographer, who is internationally recognized for the quality and beauty of his artistic work.

Due to its privileged geographical position, Costa Rica has approximately 2,000 species of trees. This exhibition is a unique way to show the culture of a nation of peace that appreciates the legacy of trees, making permanent efforts for conservation and reforestation. 

The magic list includes unique framing, close-ups and perspectives of flowering species such as a Giant Poró from Curridabat, a Black Cortez from Guanacaste, a Poró Poró from Carara National Park, as well as a Roble Sabana from Santa Ana, a Yellow Bark from Nicoya, a Carao from Abangares, among others.

“We are constantly looking for creative promotional projects to connect emotionally with our audiences and this exhibition in Berlin is a unique opportunity, because without a doubt, the magnificent images of our trees, flowers and forests will attract the attention of that tourist who is characterized by his love of nature and sustainable tourism, allowing you to delve into the sustainable tourism model of Costa Rica as a sanctuary to rediscover yourself and what is truly essential in outdoor spaces throughout the year”, explained Ireth Rodríguez, Head of Promotion of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute.

The forest of magic arrives in Berlin

For the photographer and founder of the NGO "Magic Trees" Giancarlo Pucci, this exhibition entails more than a group of images, rather it constitutes a collective movement of hundreds of people who have collaborated with reforestation processes in which more than 35 000 trees planted. “I felt very excited at the moment of making them, selecting them, curing them and making the final selection of the photographs. The purpose of this exhibition is to generate a bridge of reconnection between people and nature through the beautiful and magical colors of flowering trees, a way to regenerate individual and collective well-being "explained the author at the opening of this exhibition.

This initiative is part of the ICT's efforts to reach and exceed the visitation levels of travelers from Germany and Europe before the pandemic, and thereby contribute to the reactivation of tourism and the country's social progress.

According to the most recent data on tourist visitation from the ICT, in the first half of 2022, the arrival of 32,894 German tourists by air was recorded. Likewise, a total of 206,388 tourists have arrived from the Old Continent during the first half of this year.


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