Legoland Florida announces opening of new attraction

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Legoland Florida announces opening of new attraction
Source: TM Latin America
July 22, 2022

Pirate River Quest opens to the public on November 2

Pirate River Quest is a fun adventure, guests will embark on a family boat ride in search of Captain Redbeard's lost treasure. The quest unfolds "brick by brick" as families tackle a variety of exciting sequences set in lush gardens, telling the stories of the turbulent LEGO® pirate crew. Sailors on this lively voyage will traverse natural waterways as they follow the new story with LEGO's new pirate friend Calico Jade and other exotic creatures, including a "sea" of flamingos, a troop of mischievous apes and even a fearsome Kraken.

Located in the natural passageways of Lake Eloise and historic Cypress Gardens, this canal tour is an adventure families can only see at LEGOLAND Florida Resort this Northern Hemisphere fall.


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