Amadeus invests in a climate technology company

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Amadeus invests in a climate technology company
Source: Amadeus
July 27, 2022

The Spanish firm will now be able to offer information on carbon emissions and compensation options in all travel segments

Amadeus invests in CHOOOSE, a firm that offers advanced emissions calculations to help travelers make decisions.

In recent years, travelers have become more aware of the impact travel has on the environment and are now demanding ways to reduce or eliminate their impact. In fact, 83% of global travelers told WTTC that sustainable travel is vital and 69% expect the travel industry to offer more sustainable options.  

In this context, Amadeus has invested in CHOOOSE, a climate technology company that integrates climate action options into the customer experience. Amadeus Ventures' investment demonstrates its commitment to creating an association that fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing to offer concrete options to travelers seeking to act in favor of the climate. 

CHOOOSE's technology offers advanced emissions calculations throughout the entire journey - from aircraft and accommodation to ground transportation - based on widely recognized industry benchmarks.

The company automates calculations of carbon emissions and offers solutions aimed at reducing or eliminating climate change, including through carbon removal and offsetting, and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). All within simple and flexible interfaces, integrated into the framework of existing customer experiences, so that travelers can easily take action to prioritize the impact of travel on the climate. 

Thanks to the collaborative approach taken by Amadeus and CHOOOSE, travelers and travel agencies using Amadeus solutions will be able to explore a portfolio of solutions that address climate change and purchase offsets or alternatives to offset the carbon emissions associated with a given trip. . And most importantly, travelers will be provided with end-to-end journey information, enabling customers to understand and address the impact of carbon emissions throughout their journey, including train, taxi and , airline and hotel.

Suzanna Chiu, Head of Amadeus Ventures, Amadeus: "Our investment in CHOOOSE demonstrates our commitment to working collaboratively with industry leaders and the startup ecosystem to tackle climate change. We see great potential in the CHOOOSE team, who is knowledgeable and passionate about bringing solutions to address climate change to the travel and logistics industries." 

Olivier Girault, VP, Sustainability Ecosystem Initiatives, Amadeus: "We recognize that sustainability in the travel industry is a global challenge and only by working together can we deliver global solutions. By embracing technology, we can drive more sustainable travel and build an industry that meet its goals of Net Zero Emissions by 2050. This will allow us to secure the long-term growth and prosperity that we all want for our industry."

"CHOOOSE actively collaborates with leaders in the travel and transportation industry, including many Amadeus customers. This new collaboration will allow CHOOOSE and Amadeus to jointly offer the technology needed to power solutions that address climate change, both to new customers and to existing customers. existing ones, making it easier for travel companies to provide transparency with advanced calculations and reporting on emissions, as well as carbon removal and offsetting options, across travel," explained Andreas Slettvoll, CEO of CHOOOSE.

CHOOOSE takes into account the main methodologies, including the latest recommended practices by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) of the United Nations and emission factors recommended by the UK Department for Enterprise, Energy and Industry (BEIS). Amadeus is currently aligned with the ICAO standard, allowing seamless integration with CHOOOSE technology.


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