Bourbon Hotels & Resorts receives recognition from Tripadvisor

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Bourbon Hotels & Resorts receives recognition from Tripadvisor
July 29, 2022

The hotel chain has just announced that it has won the Traveler's Choice seal for 10 of its properties


This certificate of excellence highlights destinations, hotels, resorts, restaurants, tourist attractions, as well as itineraries from different places in the world with unique experiences, with the seal of one of the most recognized platforms in tourism and travel in the world.

The award is indisputable and demonstrates the high number of positive reviews within Tripadvisor and takes into account the quality, quantity and scores given by guests and travelers who frequented the hotels and resorts evaluated. Only 10% of the establishments listed are recognized with the seal, which attributes exclusivity and guarantees an outstanding experience for guests.

Awarded Bourbon Hotels:
Of the chain's 24 properties, almost half were certified, nine in Brazil and one in Paraguay. The winners were: Bourbon Resort Atibaia, Bourbon Cataratas do Iguaçu Thermas Eco Resort, Rio Hotel By Bourbon Curitiba Aeroporto, Rio Hotel By Bourbon Campinas, JL by Bourbon, Bourbon Ponta Grossa Convention Hotel, Bourbon Fortaleza Hotel, Bourbon Cascavel Hotel, Bourbon Belo Horizonte Hotel and Convention Hotel Bourbon Asunción (Paraguay).

One of the most outstanding has been the Bourbon Atibaia Resort, which for the tenth time obtained the Traveler's Choice seal of quality, showing a high level of guest preference for everything it offers, from the complete leisure structure, spaces for conventions, quality gastronomy to comfortable accommodation.

In total, there are more than 50 years of experience in the hotel sector, operating in three countries (Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina) that place the Bourbon Hotels and Resorts chain among the ten largest hotel brands operating in the country.


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