Talent management in the post-pandemic hotel industry

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Talent management in the post-pandemic hotel industry
Marina Fabricio, Accor
Source: Mazalán Comunicaciones
August 02, 2022

Marina Fabricio, Manager of Talent and Culture in Hispanic Latin American countries at Accor, shares a column where she highlights the work and strategy that the company has had in human talent issues in favor of the restoration of the hotel industry in times of post pandemic

By Marina Fabricio, Manager of Talent and Culture in Hispanic countries in Latin America at Accor

Despite the setbacks, we are very optimistic as our industry shows clear signs of recovery, travelers are looking to resume pre-pandemic activities and explore new destinations, further creating a huge opportunity for talent looking to gain experience, new skills or refine them within the sector. In fact, at the South American level, we have already exceeded the number of active collaborators pre-pandemic, which is a very good sign.

Hospitality traditionally represented 10% of the global workforce before the pandemic and the revival is an opportune time to focus on recruitment and retention as people rethink their career paths. This continues to be especially important for Accor, because the hotel industry offers upward social mobility, regardless of people's experience and education, providing many opportunities to improve and grow.

Our strategy for this, based on the return to normality in the hotel business, has allowed us to detect that the profile of people who work in the hotel industry has changed in all roles. That is why we established axes on which we base our strategy: recruitment, talent retention, attractive remuneration and benefits, in addition to the possibility of pursuing a career, always considering our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We see that the profile of the hotel professional, which was always very traditional with very defined and delimited tasks: maids, waiters, etc., no longer exists. Today we seek attitude and passion for service and that is why we are rethinking roles to have collaborators working more comfortably, by task, which will allow us to provide greater flexibility to the operation of hotels that need staff 24/7, 7 days a week. week.

We review the positions and what is being valued within the work to find a formula that allows us to face the challenges of having the best talent for hotels, achieving guest satisfaction and achieving revenue goals.

Before the Pandemic, 80,000 people joined Accor annually, today we are seeking to attract and recruit more talent in search of new challenges. We are optimistic about the reactivation and prosperity of the sector, which will undoubtedly be reflected in our collaborators who will also be able to see their careers prosper within the Group.

With people at the center of our strategy, we will continue to support and promote the professional development of our collaborators, who are our greatest asset. We will also provide new ways of working and training, as well as opportunities for advancement within the Group.


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