Women travelers, x-ray of a growing niche market

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Women travelers, x-ray of a growing niche market
Source: Twitter @IATA
August 03, 2022

According to SKY figures, in June 2022, more than 67 thousand women traveled on the low-cost airline, 57% of them decided to do it alone

According to an internal study by SKY Airline, the Low Cost airline that seeks to make the sky available to everyone, more than 67 thousand reservations made by women were registered in June. Of that total, 57% chose to travel unaccompanied.

Regarding the reason for the trip, the airline revealed that 64% of the women who traveled alone did so for tourism and to visit family and friends, while 16% did so for work, 8% for health, 3 % studies and the rest for other unspecified reasons. 

In addition, according to SKY data, the airline with the most modern fleet in South America, the average of women who travel alone is 39 years old. “We have seen a growing female interest in making unaccompanied trips, today women invest much more in them than in the past and without a doubt a trip is a personal experience in which they are willing to invest in order to treasure memories and meet new friendships”, explains Carmen Gloria Serrat, Commercial Director of SKY.

According to the study, the preferred routes for women who traveled unaccompanied during July were Antofagasta and La Serena, followed by routes to Puerto Montt and Iquique. Meanwhile, for the women who decided to travel accompanied during the last month, the favorite destinations were Lima, Puerto Montt and La Serena.  

Why travel on your own?

Such is the growth of this trend that it has been the object of study by the UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). Their results have revealed the origin of this movement, due to the sociodemographic changes experienced in recent decades together with the facilities provided by technology.

As the UOC's Economics and Business Studies say, traveling alone is a "dynamic typical of the times in which we live" and associated with values ​​that are highly valued individually, such as challenges, freedom of movement, flexibility, self-learning and chance to meet new people.


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