LATAM Group and Crehana announce alliance

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LATAM Group and Crehana announce alliance
Source: Newlink
August 05, 2022

This initiative seeks to get more people to develop in different areas from anywhere

The advantages of remote learning now reach the airplane seat thanks to the recently signed alliance between Crehana and the LATAM Group, taking knowledge to the heights.

Now, passengers of the group of airlines will have a broader range of entertainment in Latam Play, in which through individual screens incorporated in the seats of their planes, they will be able to enjoy all the content. On the part of Crehana, in this pilot test, a catalog of five courses with different topics that go from Mixology, to nutrition and personal branding on LinkedIn is added, seeking that users can acquire new skills in less than the duration of a flight and for free.

Thanks to alliances like this, and to new technological possibilities, continuing to learn even if you are disconnected at 10,000 feet becomes a reality. Crehana has a catalog of more than a thousand courses, which will rotate month by month on the airline's screens.

LATAM has positioned itself as the most important airline group in Latin America thanks to its history and recognition. In 2021 it was recognized as the Best Global Airline 5 Star Category, and in 2022 as the 2022 Four Star Global Airline in the Official Airline Ratings™ by its passengers.

Crehana, for its part, has more than 6 million students, 1000 published courses, offices in 9 countries and a total capital raised of 95 million dollars with which it closed 2021, and recently announced the acquisition of Acsendo and Wormhole, platforms for team management and development.


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