Assist Card celebrates its 50 years in Chile and presented its renovated offices

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Assist Card celebrates its 50 years in Chile and presented its renovated offices
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August 05, 2022

The evening was headed by the CEO of the company, Carlos Stefani and the Country Manager, Daniel Escolá

Assist Card, the comprehensive travel assistance company belonging to the Starr Companies Group, celebrated its 50th anniversary in Chile by presenting its renovated corporate offices in the district of Providencia and a stand at the Arturo Merino Benítez Airport. The evening was led by the company's CEO, Carlos Stefani, and the Country Manager, Daniel Escolá, who shared details of the business's development, as well as their growth and management projections in Chile, with business partners, clients and the press, given the current scenario.

Assist Card defines itself as an innovative company in technology and a pioneer in adapting to the constant challenges, new needs of travelers and travel trends. It was founded in 1972 in Switzerland and today it has 74 service offices around the world and provides direct service in 190 countries in 16 languages. Assist Card's presence in the country dates back to the beginning of the company, and although the business model has changed over the years, it currently maintains a leading position as a provider of travel assistance throughout the region.

The CEO of the company spoke about the good prospects for this year and projected a 100% growth in sales, in response to the growing revival of tourism and the increase in the desire to travel worldwide. 

“Turning 50 years old is a great pride for the company and in 2022 we will continue to focus our efforts on providing the best service with a robust infrastructure and the latest technology that allows us to assist our customers wherever they are. At Assist Card, innovation and agility to respond to challenging contexts are part of our DNA, and in this sense, we believe that the path of innovation is the only one that will allow us to continue providing our services in a sustained manner and to improve more and more. its quality”, assured Stefani.

Regarding the growing demand in travel, the CEO explained that fewer international passengers are being assisted, since flights have not yet fully returned, but that in sales the numbers are higher than in 2019, in pre-pandemic times, because travelers are opting for products with greater coverage and more benefits.

He also assured that they are always adjusting to the needs of travelers, both in the development of their products and in their distribution: "We present a product with coverage of up to 3 million dollars to satisfy the needs of our clients and we are also working to bring our services to a self-managed experience where they can manage their products independently and their link with Assist Card is increasingly personalized and 100% digital”, concluded Stefani.


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