Royal Caribbean visits Buenos Aires and presents novelties

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Royal Caribbean visits Buenos Aires and presents novelties
Alberto Munoz, Royal Caribbean International
Source: Travel2latam
August 09, 2022

Alberto Munoz, Associate Vice President - Latin America and Caribbean of the cruise company traveled especially to announce main news and and review the current situation 

On Friday morning, Royal Caribbean held a press conference at the Hilton Buenos Aires, where Alberto Munoz, Associate Vice President - Latin America and Caribbean of the shipping company, was present. During the event, we had the chance to make a report that we share below:

What does it mean for you to be present in Argentina, a historically strategic market?
Argentina has always been one of the three most important markets in Latin America, the Argentine is a very sophisticated traveler who knows the product very well and is very loyal. They are very familiar with Miami, one of our most important bases. Occasionally from Florida we have departures from Port Cañaveral and we offer short Caribbean products for three or four nights and seven days, which is the itinerary with the greatest demand in Latin countries.

How are the levels of demand in the different markets of Latin America?
We manage a territory of 18 countries, we noticed that some have recovered faster and have already surpassed the levels of 2019, but we have others that are still on that path. What has happened in cases such as Argentina or Brazil is that the volume of sales has decreased, but the type of cabin that is purchased has increased.

What other change can you highlight in the post-pandemic era?
The experience on our boats hasn't really changed, it's still the same. For us, service is critical. When all the protocols began to be developed, one of the objectives we set for ourselves was that the passenger experience would not change, and we have fulfilled it. In addition, in this time we have invested in technology to make the check-in process more efficient, now you can even do the emergency drill from a cell phone when you enter the room. So today, we are offering an even more evolved service.

What is your opinion about the cruise market in the region?
In Latin America, the cruise industry has been growing and the forecast is that it will grow 17% in the next 3 years. Once they live an experience on board a cruise ship, tourists want to continue doing so. Suddenly, maybe they change destinations. Specifically in Latin America the percentage of cruise passengers is very low in terms of penetration, so the opportunity for growth is very interesting, therein lies the challenge.

If you had to highlight 2 or 3 challenges that are very important to you, what would they be?
The levels of inflation that we have in, let's say, several Latin American countries complicate us because it affects the purchasing power of the client, so we have to work with the travel agents to be able to find the way to offer better conditions.
Another challenge we have is the training of travel agents, our idea is that they can offer the cruise product with greater security because many times they do not know it in depth.
Finally, we have an important challenge that customers recognize the value of Royal Caribbean's proposal so that they do not put it in the same category with other brands that do not provide such good service on board.


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