Avianca makes NDC content available to Sabre connected travel agents

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Avianca makes NDC content available to Sabre connected travel agents
Source: Avianca
August 12, 2022

It is the first airline based in Latin America to distribute its NDC content through the technology firm's digital marketplace

Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR), a leading software and technology provider powering the global travel industry, today announced that Avianca Group's New Distribution Capability (NDC) content is now available to travel agencies, buyers of travel and development partners in Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Avianca Group, which includes Avianca Airlines, Avianca Costa Rica, Avianca Ecuador and TACA International Airlines, is the first Latin American airline group to distribute its NDC offerings through the Sabre digital marketplace. The Colombia-based airline group plans to launch its NDC content in two initial phases: the first began on August 1; and the second is scheduled for August 15 and is expected to include more than 50 countries from around the world, including Australia, Ecuador, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.

"We are excited about this achievement. The experience and knowledge of the Sabre team have been crucial for the implementation to happen quickly," said Catalina Nannig, Vice President of Sales and Distribution for Avianca. "Joining Sabre's Beyond NDC family has been a valuable experience, and we look forward to expanding the scope of our offerings to better serve our customers around the world."

Sabre-connected agencies and developer partners can now purchase, book and offer services from NDC offers along with other content from Sabre “Offer and Order” APIs, the Sabre Red 360 point-of-sale tool for travel agencies, as well as the GetThere online corporate booking tool, all within a single screen and in a familiar booking environment. The deployment of the NDC offers follows a pilot phase with travel agencies in Brazil, El Salvador and the United States.

“For us as travel sellers, it is essential to have access to the right air content and ancillary services, and to be able to easily compare offers from various sources. to operate more efficiently," said José Miguel Guzmán, Owner, Leman's Travel. "We are impressed by Sabre's agility and flexibility and are happy to be able to offer Avianca Group's NDC content to our customers going forward."

Beyond NDC is a priority for Sabre as it will enable it to realize its vision of becoming the leading global technology platform in the travel industry. Today, more than 3,000 agencies are buying, reserving and serving NDC content through the Sabre digital marketplace. Sabre is engaged with more than 25 airlines to distribute their NDC content through their GDS.

"Sabre has always focused on providing a consistent distribution experience, regardless of channel, and NDC is a critical part of that focus," said Kathy Morgan, vice president, NDC and Airline Supply, Sabre Travel Solutions. "Integration with Sabre's digital marketplace will help Avianca Group distribute its NDC content consistently and efficiently to third-party travel sellers. This will also help equip Avianca to meet changing traveler needs, enjoy a more dynamic distribution network and open up new revenue opportunities.


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