Ángeles Verdes: great work in Mexico to support the growth of tourism

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Ángeles Verdes: great work in Mexico to support the growth of tourism
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August 15, 2022

With figures that break records, the country is committed to focusing on the attention of tourists and their needs

Mexico has been breaking records in the number of tourists month after month, becoming a success story in times when many countries have not yet recovered an industry that is elementary. To support growth, there is an elementary task, the Ángeles Verdes work minute by minute focused 100% on the attention of each tourist. To learn in detail how they operate, we have exclusively interviewed their Director Alejandro Zúñiga Bernal. We share the answers below:

How and when did the Ángeles Verdes emerge?
Ángeles Verdes arises on September 15, 1960 and belongs to the then Department of Tourism, with the purpose of providing tourist information and attention.
At the beginning of 1960, with the participation of Lic. Alfonso García González, secretary of the Autonomous Department of Tourism, this work plan was developed, which considered giving assistance on the road and this originated the Tourist Assistance Service with 3 bases Mexico, Aguascalientes and Chilpancingo, 40 radio patrol cars and 10 jeeps that covered 10 strategic routes.

How would you describe the daily work?
The daily work of Ángeles Verdes is 100% focused on the attention of the tourist, either in the field by road trips according to needs related to mechanical damage or in case of requiring tourist information, support can also be channeled through the number fast and free dialing 078, where tourist information and guidance is also provided; and recently in the month of May 2022, roadside assistance by requesting it through the Ángeles Verdes mobile application.
These actions and activities are what allow direct interaction with the tourist.
In addition to this, there is the Green Angels Operational Geointelligence Center, which allows a tourist who requires road support to be located in real time, either for assistance or tourist information.
In this Center, various analyzes are also developed that lead to proposals and improvement projects through the data collected in it through Georeferencing to a specific state or region composed of several entities, by having the necessary and analytical data. of a particular need, such as at what georeferenced point a service station is necessary or apply more signage to have more tourist influx or avoid accidents.

How do you manage your human resources to incorporate new talents to the staff?
During these last years, the search for Collaboration Agreements has been channeled to have specific and directed training for tourist attention, currently the Course "Fundamentals of Tourist Promotion" has been received.  

What milestones could you highlight since you have started operating?
In this 2022, with the support, recognition and trust of the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, the launch of the Operational Geointelligence Center that allowed us to bridge the gap of 20 years of lack of implementation of the technologies that had been developed until now , such as georeferencing and the use of mobile devices with specific applications, developed within the same dependency, to provide assistance to tourists and to efficiently manage the administrative and operational processes that derive from providing assistance, assistance and information to tourists. tourists; and over time, coverage throughout the Mexican Republic in more than 37 thousand highway kilometers along 198 routes

What are your short and medium term goals?
Strengthen road tourism in Mexico
Expand coverage routes
Generate specific strategies by state for targeted attention according to the needs of the region

What is your general vision of tourism in Mexico?
As a result of the pandemic, there was a rethinking of the way of doing tourism in Mexico, which gave us a new perspective to strengthen Road Tourism, and gave a great weight revaluation to the services provided by Ángeles Verdes as a social policy that attends and it has benefited a country for 62 years; since it provides support to both national and foreign tourism, and all of this reflects a strategy focused on tourism protection to successfully fulfill its travel plan.


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