Uruguay seeks to increase national connectivity

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Uruguay seeks to increase national connectivity
Source: Intendencia de Maldonado
August 17, 2022

A breakfast organized by the Municipality of Maldonado and the Punta del Este Convention & Visitors Bureau was held, where technical analyzes were presented

The conference was held at the Hotel Enjoy Punta del Este and had a large audience. The general director of Tourism of the IDM, Martín Laventure, highlighted the quality of the specialists in charge of the talk.

In this sense, the word was given by the expert in commercial aviation from Corporación América, Roberto de Oliveira, and the manager of PWC Uruguay, Ramón Pampin.

Laventure remarked that "I had the opportunity to participate in a similar event in Salto and it seemed extremely important to us to replicate it in the department of Maldonado, through coordination with Corporación América and the Punta del Este Bureau". It shows how correct the issue is and the concern generated by connectivity in the Maldonado tourism sector as a whole, although it is a national issue.”

For his part, Oliveira expressed that “the idea of ​​this talk is to exchange opinions with people and see how passengers who are in any part of the world can get to Punta del Este; there are a lot of challenges to discover, we have to involve people and this type of event helps to improve, especially after the pandemic that had a great impact on aviation”.

In addition to the challenges, "we are facing a lot of opportunities presented by a unique destination known as Punta del Este."

Meanwhile, Pampin indicated that "connectivity and tourism are two sides of the same coin." Through this talk "we try to characterize the tourists who pass through the airports, see what differences there are with those who enter through other routes, as well as have an approach to the non-terrestrial passenger transport sector and its relationship with the economy".


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