Brazil seeks to grow in the issuing markets of the Arab world

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Brazil seeks to grow in the issuing markets of the Arab world
Source: Rodrigo Rodrigues/Cámara Árabe
August 24, 2022

Embratur becomes a member of the Brazilian Arab Chamber of Commerce

Seeking to expand the entry of foreigners to Brazil and focused on strategic markets, Embratur became a member of the Brazilian Arab Chamber of Commerce (CCAB). The alliance is valid for one year -with periodic renewal- and involves actions to attract Arab tourists, articulation and intermediation of the CCAB with operators and actors in the tourism sector in all the countries of the region, in addition to an extensive package of benefits together with the other associates.

“This event will allow us to learn more and get closer to the actors of the Arab world. With this partnership, we are going to adapt our content to their language, train our business to receive Arab tourists in the best way and continue actions to approach this important market for Brazil”, says the president of Embratur, Silvio Nascimento.

In addition to participating in Expo Dubai 2020 (held in 2021 due to the pandemic), Embratur fulfilled a series of agendas in Dubai in May 2022. The program included a visit to the Arabian Travel Market fair, meetings with leading operators in the sector and negotiations for the viability of cooperation agreements.

According to Nascimento, these strategic moves generated good business prospects for Brazil. “We return with the certainty that the Arab market will give good results for Brazilian tourism. It is a market that is expected to spend US$200 billion on tourism in 2024 and we hope to consolidate our relationship more and more”, says the president of Embratur.

In June, Embratur made a press trip with journalists and digital influencers from Dubai (UAE). The professionals met and contributed to the dissemination of luxury attractions in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Manaus.

A month later, Embratur participated in the 4th edition of the Brazil & Arab Countries Economic Forum. The event was attended by the main business and political leaders of Brazil and 22 Arab countries represented by the Brazilian Arab Chamber of Commerce.


CCAB membership also aims to give Embratur a membership stamp. The material, available in English and Arabic, can be used in all affiliate communication products, such as business cards, promotional folders, website, banners, among others. The association will also be announced on the website of the Brazilian-Arab News Agency (ANBA) through an advertising banner for 30 days.


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