SeaWorld Orlando Presents Two Big Halloween Events in 2022

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SeaWorld Orlando Presents Two Big Halloween Events in 2022
Source: SeaWorld Parks Entertainment, Inc.
August 26, 2022

This year, the park will have a daytime event focused on children's fun and a nighttime event for the adult public

Halloween commemorations at SeaWorld Orlando will excite children and adults alike with a fun and colorful event during the day and an intense night of terror for the brave only.

Spooktacular lands at SeaWorld in 2022 bringing surprises, treats and themed presentations for this family event already included in the park ticket. Children can have fun with treats or mischief as they explore specially decorated paths and meet special characters. SeaWorld Spooktacular will take place on select days beginning September 17 through October 31.

As night falls, things take a sinister turn. A cast of creepy characters emerge from the depths and draw visitors to the haunted houses. The brave will try to avoid the apparitions as they pass through scare zones or venture out on a night ride in Mako, Manta, Infinity Falls or the newest Ice Breaker.

Howl-O-Scream is back with a vengeance this year at SeaWorld. The park has just revealed an even scarier lineup for 2022, with all-new haunted houses, scare zones, shows and bars that will have guests screaming in fear. The already successful event at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay will have its second edition in Orlando, bringing horror to a new level on select nights, beginning September 9 through October 31, and requires the purchase of a separate ticket.

More Haunted Houses
Visitors to Howl-O-Scream will be immersed in terror upon entering any of our haunted houses. They can encounter Scratch, an evil mermaid as they race to escape her clutches in the new “Blood Beckoning” or a ship's crew crazed for cursed treasures in the new “Siren of the Seas”, plus the houses “Captain's Revenge—Drowned in Darkness", "Dead Vines-Root of all Evil" and the favorite "Beneath the Ice".

More creepy scare zones
Nowhere is safe from terror in Howl-O-Scream. Visitors will pass through immersive scare zones that will test the limits of their courage. They may attempt to flee from zombies in a frozen desert, wander through a sea of ​​restless souls, or encounter witch worshipers. New zones “Terrors of the Deep”, “Sea of ​​Fear”, “Cut Throat Cove” and “Captive Cargo” join “Frozen Terror”, “Deadly Ambush” and “Witchcraft Bayou”.

Even More Sinister Shows
The Howl-O-Scream experience wouldn't be complete without devilishly funny shows, like the jaw-dropping "Siren's Song." Visitors can hear the terrifying tales of a famous explorer in the new “Lurking in the Depths” or be mesmerized by a musical performance starring Jack the Ripper in the award-winning “Monster Stomp”.

Spooky Bars
This year, visitors will also be able to take advantage of interactive bars that are sure to quench their thirst for adventure. Each bar offers specialty cocktails for those thirsty for excitement. They are, "Allura's on the Rocks", "Longshoremen's Tavern", "Tormented", "Siren's Last Call" and "Poison Grotto".


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