Royal Caribbean reinforces its position in the MICE segment

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Royal Caribbean reinforces its position in the MICE segment
Alberto Munoz, Royal Caribbean International
Source: Travel2latam
August 29, 2022

The cruise company was present at IBTM Americas presenting its new ships and itineraries

As part of its international promotion plan, Royal Caribbean has been present at IBTM Americas. The event has been held in Mexico City between August 24 and 25. There we were able to interview Alberto Munoz, Vice President - Latin America and Caribbean at the shipping company. We share the answers below: 

What does participation in the IBTM Americas mean to you?
We are delighted to have participated because we have an excellent value proposition for MICE, we are the only shipping company that has a dedicated team for the segment in Latin America. The preferred destination for Latinos is the Caribbean where we offer options of three, four or 7 nights, which are ideal itineraries for any type of demand. We must take into account that we have been recognized for 19 years as the best cruise company in the Caribbean, we also received another award rewarding our entertainment on board, two fundamental factors for the MICE product where lodging, spectacular gastronomy, visits to multiple destinations and world-class inflight entertainment.

What kind of events can you host and what has been the experience you have had on board during these years?
We can hold events from 50 people to 7,000 passengers depending on the occupancy, so we can really adapt to different requirements depending on what you are looking for. It is even the case that guests at an event travel with their partners or family, spending nice moments in our boats.

How do you work in the training of the personnel on board to host events?
We have more staff on board who speak different languages ​​and that allows us to give the event organizer peace of mind that there will always be support for the guests. It is something very positive because people feel much more comfortable in their language, and all the entertainment and gastronomy staff are fully trained for this type of program.

How many events do you plan to hold in the coming months and how many are scheduled for 2023?
The MICE segment is reporting that a very important recovery, we reached a level of 76% with respect to the conventions that we did in 2019. Right now we are noticing a very high demand for events for 2023, many pharmaceutical companies, from beverages, finance, insurance, etc., are evaluating their next year and in this event we have already noticed a great interest for which we are very excited.

Is there already demand for itineraries from Colombia and Panama in the MICE segment?
Yes, it is really a good point, as we have already spoken on other occasions, starting in December of next year, we will operate these routes that will be highly chosen for guests who do not have a United States Visa. It will be very attractive for certain types of events with very affordable prices.


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