Yucatan gains prominence for the future

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Yucatan gains prominence for the future
Michelle Fridman
Source: Travel2latam
August 29, 2022

At IBTM Americas, it has had extensive participation as "Invited State" and its stand has hosted hundreds of appointments that will result in a large number of new events

Yucatan continues to add international prestige and enhance its image as an international MICE destination. To learn more about his participation in IBTM Americas, we interviewed his Secretary of Tourism Michelle Fridman. We share the official's responses below:

What does an event like IBTM Americas mean to you?
This edition has great significance, we are talking about the first large-area IBTM Americas after the pandemic, let's not forget that 2 years ago we were wondering if one day we were going to return to normality. What we are experiencing today is very significant for everyone and the fact that Yucatan is the guest state of the event is an honor and shows on the one hand how important our destiny is as a competitor in this meetings industry, but it also speaks of a very committed to the industry.

How many events were held this year in Yucatan and what is the projection for 2023?
The last month measured was June, we had 45 events, which represented an increase of 542% compared to 2021. The figure also marks a growth of 73% compared to 2019, so the truth is that we are doing well. This year we set out to recover 100% in all indicators and in almost all of them we have already reached or exceeded that goal. January, for example, was the month with the largest number of arrivals of domestic visitors to Yucatan in its history. We have already recovered connectivity for 200% of international routes and 102% of domestic seats. In the month of March we received the largest number of passengers at the Mérida airport in its history, that is giving us encouragement.

If you had to indicate a top 3 reasons to choose Yucatan as a MICE destination, what would they be?
Safety number one, Yucatan is the safest state in Mexico and one of the safest globally. Number two, the tourist offer, today an event planner needs to meet the technical and operational logistics infrastructure requirements but also wants a destination that is attractive to attendees. We have worked hard to diversify products and unique authentic experiences, from our archaeological zones in haciendas to paradisiacal beaches, colonial cities, rural areas, etc. Number three, the infrastructure, we have first-world venues and also a long list of fifth-space haciendas on Venus beach that make Yucatan not a destination with a venue but rather a destination with venues.

Who returns to Yucatan after the pandemic, what fate will they meet?
Hemos incrementado ya nuestra oferta hotelera al grado que tenemos más de 15000 habitaciones, todas ellas en esta en esta tradición de Yucatán de construir de acuerdo con nuestra esencia, nuestros materiales, nuestra arquitectura, etc. Son hoteles muy lindos y con gran servicio que hemos perfeccionado mucho. Al mismo tiempo, hemos desarrollado la infraestructura tenemos nuevos recintos y otros que han sido renovados. Además, hemos desarrollado nuevos productos turísticos. Por otro lado, este año lo estamos dedicando mucho el tema de la gastronomía. Ahora quienes nos visiten van a encontrar eventos gastronómicos, nuevos restaurantes y nuevas propuestas de chef de primer nivel que, sin perder su arraigo al pasado y a la tradición, nos hace únicos.

How is the year going for Yucatan in terms of promotion?
We expect very intense months, within the framework of the year of gastronomy, we are going to continue with our gastronomic marathons where we are going to promote them in cities. In addition, we will participate in various international events and conventions.


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