Los Cabos, an exclusive destination in constant expansion

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Los Cabos, an exclusive destination in constant expansion
Paulina Aguilar, Los Cabos Tourism Board
Source: Travel2latam
August 29, 2022

Located at the tip of the 1,000-mile-long Baja California Peninsula, it is one of the most diverse tourist destinations in the world and one with the greatest potential for tourism development in Mexico

Los Cabos is one of the Mexican destinations with a strong recovery since the pandemic broke out. As a result of a lot of work, the numbers have been improving month after month and part of that success has to do with the participation in fairs. Last week, they promoted their attractions at IBTM Americas. To find out more, we interviewed Paulina Aguilar, Manager of the Los Cabos Tourism Board. We share her responses below: 

What does participation in IBTM Americas mean to you?
Being present at events that allows us to be in contact with all the partners who are interested in the destination, buyers that we can find here and continue collaborating, is really important. That is why we are present every year at this event. We must continue with this promotional work for the destination in the future.

Can you list three characteristics that distinguish Los Cabos as a MICE destination?
It is a beach destination in Mexico very different from the others. It offers a unique combination of the sea, the desert and the mountains and where visitors can find hotels with world-class services and experts in each of the segments. Although the service in Mexico is highly recognized, in Los Cabos we have professionals of the highest level who can ensure the quality of an event regardless of its size.

How many events were held this year and what is the forecast for 2023?
In recent times we have grown a lot in general. But in MICE we have achieved a positive rate of 18%. We are very happy because the recovery for example for 2022 is spectacular, compared to 2019 we have grown 25%. We know that it is also a temporary issue, which is why we also continue to work every day to stay on that path and go further.

What are the challenges in the medium and long term?
In the medium term right now in the challenge of continuing to maintain all the staff so that they can be in all the hotels and continue competing with this greater demand that we have, that implies having a greater number of people who continue to have that level of service that the people wait when they arrive in Los Cabos and when they hold an event in our destination. Another challenge is to continue adding infrastructure and taking care of the destination, which has already grown a lot. We always seek to show ourselves as an exclusive destination that offers that high-level experience even outdoors or in contact with nature.


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