Guanacaste Airport inaugurates bird migration season with photographic exhibition

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Guanacaste Airport inaugurates bird migration season with photographic exhibition
Source: VINCI Airports 
August 30, 2022

Bird tourism is one of the main reasons why Americans travel to Costa Rica

Guanacaste Airport, a member of VINCI Airports, inaugurated this Friday, August 26, the 2022 bird migration season with an exhibition of 21 photographs called Expo Aves de Guanacaste.

Expo Aves de Guanacaste is made up of a team of Costa Rican wildlife photographers. Its objective is to connect the public with the avifauna resource, through photographic exhibitions, to promote its conservation.

The works exhibited at Guanacaste Airport are by the following artists: Edwin Bustos, Juan Pucci, David Altamirano, Mario Wong, Luisana Velasco, Pedro Araya, Randall Arias, Randall Cortés, Rafa García, Mario Arana and Luis Venegas.

Birdwatching is one of the main reasons for visiting Guanacaste and Costa Rica. The country has 920 species that inhabit 50 thousand square km. That number is much higher if we add all the bird species seen in the United States and Canada together. Costa Rica is one of the 10 countries with the highest bird count in the world

According to statistics from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), only in the United States, the main source market for tourists from Guanacaste Airport, there are 50 million bird watchers. In Europe another 10 million bird watchers are registered.

“We are happy to promote art to the delight of our passengers and the airport community, the natural beauties of the area. Guanacaste is part of the Bird Route and we wanted to join this prestigious exhibition to encourage our visitors to enjoy these activities this season.” said Lizeth Valverde, Manager of Operations and Customer Service at Guanacaste Airport.


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