Rome tops the five friendliest cities for family travel

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Rome tops the five friendliest cities for family travel
September 06, 2022

The city of the Colosseum offers amenities, restaurants and activities for all ages. What other places you can choose?

For any child, the time of the pandemic meant a drastic interruption of their social, affective and physical life. After two years of restrictions and with the progressive reopening of tourist destinations, several possibilities are beginning to emerge to spend a well-deserved rest time with the family.
Having explored nearly 200 cities on TripAdvisor, we're able to bring you the most kid-friendly vacation destinations, from hotels to restaurants and activities designed for the whole family. Here are the five European cities that you cannot miss:

A city famous for its history and culture, Rome has more than 2,000 family hotels, around 5,400 restaurants for children and endless activities that engage them for entertainment.
There are hotels with spacious rooms and quality amenities. In fact, the luxury hotel Rome Cavalieri offers a Kids Club, reserved for children from 4 to 11 years old who want to enjoy the fun of the pools.
Activities for the whole family abound. Once their appetite has been whetted, all that remains is to discuss in which of the many restaurants they will satisfy their hunger.

Second is England's capital with so much to see, hotels to choose from and most importantly a wide variety of places to eat. More than 6,000 restaurants with kid-friendly menus, including Jungle Cave (formerly known as Rainforest Café) and Heddon Street Kitchen, are some of the options that will make a gastronomic evening a delight for young and old.
Jungle Cave offers children an enchanting experience by reflecting an exotic climate with special audio and visual effects. Equally charming, Heddon Street Kitchen offers a build-your-own ice cream bar where kids can kick back and make their own creations, then consume them. All a dream, right?
London has a reputation for being quite expensive, but there are plenty of deals to be had if you look in the right places. However, London offers more than 600 activities for children available, so it should not be ruled out.

The city of love also offers a great possibility for family trips.
Paris ranks third as the most family-friendly holiday destination, and the data shows exactly why. There are thousands of restaurants offering delicious kid-friendly food like chicken baguettes and fries, and there's a fantastic range of hotels available.
Of the top five cities for families we discovered, Paris came in second to last for the number of kid-friendly activities on offer; however, it has a special attraction that surely makes up for the lack of others, we are talking about the magical Disneyland Paris.
This park first opened its doors to visitors in 1992 and since then it has been responsible for enchanting more than 320 million people from all over the world. It is the most visited theme park in Europe. If your child insists that visiting Disneyland is one of his biggest dreams (which is completely understandable), then Paris can be a great summer destination.

One of the most popular Asian cities, Bangkok is primarily known for its adult entertainment such as red light districts and lively nightlife. What will surprise many, however, is that it's also a fantastic holiday destination for families, our data suggests.
International tourists spent a whopping 4.5 billion Thai baht in April 2022, further proving that this is a destination with plenty to see and do.
The city has more than 800 hotels suitable for hosting your family for the duration of your stay, and around 2,000 restaurants suitable for children and for all tastes. Traditional Bangkok cuisine might be too special for your kids, but don't worry, it's easy to find Western-style fast food.

New Delhi
In fifth place is the impressive capital of India, New Delhi. If you want to spend valuable quality time with your kids while giving them an insight into the rich culture and history, this is the place to book your 2022 summer vacation.
New Delhi offers 475 family-friendly hotels and plenty of restaurants and planned activities to keep little ones busy and energized every day. Among the recommended activities is the popular Snow World, a children's attraction that has done extensive research to master the art of replicating real snowfall. As temperatures in New Delhi often exceed 40 degrees Celsius (104° Fahrenheit) once April rolls around, the cold is probably an extra comfort on vacation.

So, which destination are you going to visit as a family?
We hope to have given you or enough data to make the best decision when it comes to your next family vacation. What are you waiting for? Take your passports from the kitchen drawer and make those important reservations.


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