Chile receives important recognitions at the World Travel Awards

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Chile receives important recognitions at the World Travel Awards
Source: Sernatur
September 07, 2022

In the last installment of the contest known as the "Oscars of Tourism", the country received three strategic awards

The World Travel Awards confirm it: Chilean tourism remains at the top of South America. In the last installment of the contest known as the 'Oscar Tourism Awards', the country showed that it continues with its positive streak and won three awards.

For the eighth consecutive year, Chile was crowned the Best Adventure Tourism Destination and held for the fifth time the title of Best Romantic Destination for the Atacama Desert, a territory comprised of the regions of Arica and Parinacota, Tarapacá, Antofagasta, Atacama and Coquimbo and which is characterized by being the driest on the planet.

Likewise, it won the award for Best Destination in South America for the second time, beating destinations as prominent as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, among other destinations in the region.

The Undersecretary of Tourism, Verónica Kunze, valued obtaining these titles and stated that “these awards confirm that Chile has enormous tourism potential. Once again, our country stands out in different categories highlighting the work carried out by entrepreneurs and businessmen in the industry to diversify destinations and provide options for travelers. This will undoubtedly boost the arrival of foreign tourists to Chile and will be an important factor in meeting the projection of almost 1.9 million international visits this year.”

It should be noted that, year after year, the World Travel Awards reward the best destinations, hotels, tourist attractions, airlines and institutions in the travel and tourism industry around the world. In the first instance, the continental competitions are held, to later give way to the world contest, an opportunity in which Chile will try to strike.

In this regard, Beatriz Román, national director(s) of Sernatur, pointed out that “these achievements show the powerful work we have done in terms of promoting our tourist attractions. In this sense, our best letter of promotion is to bring out the great diversity of the national territory, which stands out for its wide natural spaces in which unique experiences can be lived, for which, in addition to thanking those who voted for Chile, We urge tourists to continue discovering the wonders of the country and then vote in the world nominations that are coming soon.

In the coming days, the nominations for the World Travel Awards will be announced, where we will once again have the opportunity to be recognized.


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