Uruguay seeks to promote the training of future professionals in the tourism sector

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Uruguay seeks to promote the training of future professionals in the tourism sector
Source: MINTUR
September 07, 2022

The Ministry of Tourism and the University of Labor closed an agreement to train students

The joint work between both institutions has been going on for a year, for example with tourism students who have been part of the Expo Prado and other fairs where the Ministry of Tourism participates.

With the signing of this agreement, the parties will jointly develop cooperation programs and projects, which will be the subject of complementary agreements or specific agreements that will specify objectives, work methodology and obligations of each of the parties.

The cooperation between the aforementioned organizations includes the exchange of information in the educational, cultural, scientific and technological fields, as well as the coordinated organization of courses, conferences, seminars and training on topics of interest, in addition to the participation of students in planned educational outings. by the Ministry of Tourism.

Viera highlighted the relevance of this sector for the country, as a generator of work, and, therefore, the need to have qualified personnel to provide services. Likewise, he highlighted the work of the UTU as a trainer of young people in this area.

The agreement expands the possibilities of complementary work between the aforementioned entities in relation to internships, volunteering and training. The hierarch indicated that in the project of a school hotel of the UTU in the Termas de Guaviyú, the Secretary of State will contribute technicians for the training of the young people who attend this undertaking.

Pereyra expressed that education with quality and equality is necessary for Uruguayans. In this sense, he said that this type of agreement allows young people to access internships in the Ministry of Tourism.

The cooperation between the parties comprises different modalities, namely:

1) Exchange of information, in the educational, cultural, scientific and technological fields.

2) Coordinated organization of: courses, conferences, seminars, on topics of interest.

3) Joint and/or coordinated performance of training activities in specific areas of action of the DGETP.

4) Participation of DGETP students in the Ministry of Tourism, as a didactic and/or recreational outing, as well as practical activities, which will be governed by the provisions of the fourth clause of this agreement.


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