The Director General of IATA described as "positive" the recovery of the sector

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The Director General of IATA described as "positive" the recovery of the sector
Source: IATA
September 08, 2022

Willie Walsh analyzed the numbers of the latest report of the International Air Transport Association that show the progress of the industry domestically and internationally

The director said that the July data indicate that the recovery of the sector is continuing and is stronger every moment.

In the section on domestic flights, Walsh explained that a strong recovery takes place as 2022 advances; The phenomenon is observed specially in China, where the domestic market is showing high values. Julio's figures also show that the cargo business is more or less where it was in the year before the pandemic, which implies solid cargo performance.

Regarding Latin America, Walsh said that the region had a strong recovery of the cargo business during July, with some effects due to the military conflict in Ukraine.

The values ​​of international traffic show that, in general, the sector is at 75% of where it was in 2019 and it is expected that it will continue to improve. Region by region, the panorama shows advances, while Asia Pacific appears significantly lower in 2019, with 35 percent for this year. "We are seeing steady progress in other regions", explains Walsh.

The director also spoke about prices of fuel for aircraft, a fundamental matter concerning the costs of airlines and indicated that "since it has seen that the price of Brent oil has dropped a little, the prices of oil for aircraft continue very , very strong, very high. And it will continue to exert pressure on the cost base of the airlines in the broad area of ​​the rest of the year". Which implies a great challenge for the airlines from now on.

“We have seen good traffic figures during the peak of the summer in the northern hemisphere, and the domestic markets are now recovering well with the increase in activity in the Chinese domestic market. September, given the positive trends that we are seeing in the early bookings", expressed Walsh and closed analyzing the perspective of the industry at this moment and in the future as positive.


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