Solo traveler bookings rise by 2023

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Solo traveler bookings rise by 2023
Source: oattravel
September 08, 2022

Women and people over fifty are leading a trend that continues to grow after the pandemic

A report from Overseas Adventure Travel indicates that 2023 personalized travel bookings for small groups or single Americans over the age of 50 were up more than 20 percent from 2019 and 27 percent in the last month.

The solo travel trend emerged in the last ten years but increased after the pandemic. Now it is added to the accumulated demand for 2023 and shows an interesting fact: the majority of people who decide to travel without companions from their environment are female tourists.

Solo female travel still struggles with prejudice. The accent is placed especially on insecurity, which is why many prefer to take the first steps through small groups of people in the same condition. OAT points out that, in his case, this niche involves some steps to achieve group integration in shared moments and from the first days of the trip.

Among the strong destinations for 2023 is Egypt, although trips to Asian countries such as Japan and some destinations on the African continent are also trending.

The travel agencies that exploit this market point out that being able to adapt to the activities and needs of this public, which is made up of people fifty years of age or older with a desire for adventure, but also with the firm determination not to settle for anything.


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