Quito celebrates the 44th anniversary of its distinction as Cultural Heritage of Humanity

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Quito celebrates the 44th anniversary of its distinction as Cultural Heritage of Humanity
Source: Quito Turismo
September 08, 2022

The Capital of the Center of the World was included in 1978 in this UNESCO list, thanks to its Historic Center, the best preserved and least altered in all of America

The architectural and artistic treasures, the churches, museums and squares made Quito the first Latin American city to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, on September 8, 1978. Its historic center covers more than 70.43 hectares where every corner is flooded with stories, legends and traditions.

The three essentials of Quito
The Basilica of the National Vow is the largest neo-Gothic temple in the Americas and captivates visitors with its colorful stained glass windows and gargoyles, which represent emblematic species of the area, such as the iguana and the alligator. In addition, it offers a spectacular view of the Historic Center of the city from its towers that provide a vertiginous experience to those who visit it.

In the heart of the center is the church of La Compañía, considered the most important baroque temple on the continent, it impresses those who visit it with its entrances of light, walls covered with gold sheets and the beautiful view from its domes.

The last of the essentials is the Virgin of El Panecillo, also known as the Virgin of Quito. This figure stands out for being the tallest aluminum statue in the world, even larger than Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, and for being the only winged virgin.

To these fascinating places, dozens of churches, convents, museums, palaces, parks and squares are added in the Historic Center that constitute one of the greatest attractions for local, national and international tourism.

Tourists can discover the magic and charm of the Capital of the Center of the World through experiential proposals and unique tours such as the route of the towers and domes of the churches, which begins at the Basilica of the National Vow and visits the churches of Santa Bárbara, La Compañía, San Francisco and Santa Clara, surprising with incomparable panoramic views of Quito.

There are also dramatized tourist routes where visitors are transported to the colonial era with the presentation of iconic characters such as Bolívar, Manuelita, Cantuña, Bella Aurora and more, which will allow them to experience the legends and traditions of Quito.


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