SAHIC returns to Cartagena de Indias in 2023

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SAHIC returns to Cartagena de Indias in 2023
Source: SAHIC
September 12, 2022

The event on investment in hotels, tourism and real estate development in Latin America and the Caribbean will be held on March 27 and 28 in the paradisiacal Colombian destination

The main players in the hotel industry, tourism and related real estate businesses will meet at the 17th edition of the most prestigious industry forum in the region. SAHIC Latin America & The Caribbean, the business meeting that provides the perfect environment to promote investment opportunities, facilitating the meeting between developers and investors, will meet in Cartagena de Indias, a highly attractive hub that will facilitate the arrival of big players from all over the world. parts of the world, which will end up being of great interest to destinations throughout the region, who, thanks to this traction capacity, will find it easier to meet key characters for the promotion of their businesses.

Throughout its 16 editions SAHIC has had more than 4,000 attendees, nearly 300 sponsors and approximately 1,000 speakers of different nationalities. The surveys show that 91% of the participants have met or exceeded their expectations and within the framework of these meetings, 3.8 billion dollars of investments have been generated in the sector. 

SAHIC is the perfect space both for those looking for Partners to carry out their projects and for Investors who want to find the best investment opportunities in the region. 

Those who decide to be part of SAHIC have the opportunity to organize their own meetings with the main actors in the region, interact and enrich themselves with the experience of colleagues, get inspired, breathe new ideas, interact with men and women whose common goal is to increase, strengthen or start business development in the region.

In a preliminary visit to the City of Cartagena, Arturo García Rosa, President & Founder of SAHIC shares his enthusiasm and expectations for the SAHIC Cartagena 2023 edition:

“Since the opening of tourism in the region, in March of this year we were pioneers in returning by producing in-person meetings of the magnitude of SAHIC. The edition offered in Panama exceeded all our expectations. The main representatives of the different areas of our sector met. Listening first-hand to each of the testimonies shared by the great leaders of this industry about what was experienced during the meeting fills me with satisfaction. The bar is very high, we know it and that is something that excites us and motivates us even more. The choice of Cartagena as the venue for our Conference on March 27 and 28 has been an important part in the construction of our next edition. We have a great challenge on our hands and we are going for it.

Regarding Colombia, the numbers confirm that it has gone from reactivation to growth and this is a very powerful signal for investors and developers who have their focus on this industry that has once again confirmed its resilience. "Hitted like few or none, the process of returning to travel has returned, as we imagined, with great force, especially for destinations that offer what demand is pressing today."

The summer season in the northern hemisphere has been exceptional, mainly in the United States and some European countries.

Regarding the American market, the phenomenon seems unstoppable. Demand has been very strong and early surveys of what to expect this fall and winter are highly encouraging. Americans have multiplied their trips and Colombia has many destinations that focus well on the needs of these travelers. "And we are not referring only to Cartagena, but without a doubt the SAHIC meeting will facilitate other destinations in the country, some in development and others still almost without it, to find the opportunity to make contact with big players in the industry. who will undoubtedly attend the next SAHIC meeting on March 27 and 28".

Like every year, the agenda offers two intense days of inspiring sessions and excellent networking opportunities. The debates will take place both on our stage and in the now traditional Thematic Round Tables (TRTs), spaces in which each participant has the opportunity to become a protagonist by making their voices heard. Registrations are now open for what can be glimpsed as a new must on the agendas of all players in the hotel and tourism industry.


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