Natal and Pipa: two classics from the Brazilian Northeast

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Natal and Pipa: two classics from the Brazilian Northeast
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September 13, 2022

Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte, is one of the most sought after destinations by local and international tourism due to its exuberant nature, its cultural power, multifaceted gastronomy and adventure tourism options. Next, the must-sees of the walk.

Ponta Negra and Morro da Careca waterfront
Ponta Negra beach is one of the most visited destinations in Natal, a central point and a hotel pole in the city. Its waterfront has vibrant daytime and nightlife, both because of its coastal strip with good infrastructure (which includes options for various water sports), as well as because of its offer of attractions, gastronomy and craft fairs, a classic for strolling at sunset. The Morro do Careca is a viewpoint adjoining Ponta Negra: elevated on a dune, it allows you to enjoy the landscapes that surround the beach and offers the best sunset postcards. The beaches near Ponta Negra are easily accessible and very well equipped to welcome visitors.

Buggy ride through the dunes of Genipabu
Located 20 km from Natal, the Genipabu Dunes Ecological Park is a classic in the area and one of the most fun walks in the Northeast. The park is located in the city of Extremoz (admission is R$ 8) and offers beautiful landscapes, white sand dunes, incredible panoramic views and beaches with calm seas, as well as a lagoon with crystal clear water. The buggy tour through the dunes of Genipabu - which can be booked locally or from Natal and costs around R$ 300 - is a roller coaster (literally!) of emotions. The entire tour -stops included- takes about seven hours, and includes fun options such as the skybunda (culipatín in the sand) or the aerobunda, a zip line that ends with a dip in the lagoon.

Maracajaú Natural Pools
Located in the municipality of Maxaranguape, an hour's drive from Natal, the walk makes up for the trip: there are dozens of pools (called parrachos there), formed a short distance from the coast, full of marine life and calm, crystal-clear waters. To access the pools you have to take a boat from Maracajaú beach and go up to about seven km from the coast.

Pipa Beach
No one goes that far without going to Pipa -about 83 km from Natal-, a beach famous for its charms and well worth enjoying without rushing: during the day, for the contrast between its calm sea, in the middle of cliffs and a sunny always present; at night, for the lively and eclectic vibe of its small center with Mediterranean architecture. Praia do Amor and Praia do Madeiro are nearby and offer beautiful viewpoints to watch the sunset.

How to get
Direct flights from Argentine airports to Natal, Fortaleza, Maceió and Recife were activated from August and will continue to expand between now and December, marking the beginning of the summer season. Natal Airport is 46 km from the central area of ​​Ponta Negra, a 45-minute drive on the Humberto Pessoa highway and BR-304.


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