Quito is positioned as the main destination for chocolate lovers

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Quito is positioned as the main destination for chocolate lovers
Source: Quito Turismo
September 13, 2022

Ecuador stands out for being the producer of 63% of the "fine aroma" cocoa in the world, a raw material required by the North American and European industry for the manufacture of the highest level chocolates. Ecuadorian cocoa has a high prestige in the international market thanks to the variety of flavors that evoke blackberries, citrus, nuts, caramel, honey, jasmine flowers and violets, among others.

The wealth of natural resources and the geographical conditions of Quito make it the center of cocoa and chocolate manufacturing in the country. For this reason, it concentrates innumerable places where renowned chocolates are made and add it to the tourist development of the city.

Chocolate activities in Quito
To learn about the history of cocoa and its impact on the construction of Quito's art and culture, tourists can participate in the dramatized tour "Between pulperías and bulerías, eating chocolate is a heresy", at the Chez-Tiff artisanal chocolate shop, where they reveal the history and the most curious data of the elaborations; or you can visit the República del Cacao store, which offers products based on Ecuadorian coffee and cocoa, such as its prestigious cocoa bread prepared with 10 hours of fermentation.

Another of the activities preferred by visitors is in the Ecuador Gourmet Gallery, which allows you to discover the unique flavors, textures and aromas of Ecuadorian chocolate through gourmet experiences with tastings and workshops.

For its part, Pacari, a company that has been awarded three times at the International Chocolate Awards, invites tourists to become expert chocolatiers, with cooking activities involving delicious organic, sugar-free and vegan truffles, while learning about the history of Ecuadorian cocoa.

Another option is Yumbos Chocolate, an artisan chocolate shop located in the Historic Center, where you can taste the best Ecuadorian cocoa with a panoramic view of the San Francisco square and church.

These activities are just a sample of all the chocolate offer of the Capital of the Center of the World to its visitors, who discover in the flavors of fine aroma cocoa why its history begins in Quito


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