Firm commitment of Grupo Piñero for the conservation of the coasts

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Firm commitment of Grupo Piñero for the conservation of the coasts
Source: Grupo Piñero
September 15, 2022

With an investment of nearly 5 million euros between 2020 and 2024, the Beaches program is part of the Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan

Grupo Piñero, a Spanish tourism company with almost 50 years of history, continues to advance in the protection and conservation of biodiversity thanks, among other initiatives, to the investment of 4.9 million euros that, with a horizon of 2024, it will allocate to “Beach Program”, which focuses on optimizing the management of beaches, fostering mechanisms to stop their erosion and ensure their stability, as well as their long-term availability for tourist use.

Specifically, the "Beach Program" is one of the four programs - Water, Landscape and Biodiversity - that make up the Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan, a project launched by Grupo Piñero in 2020 that aims to plan and manage sustainability of the territory and the natural resources of the destinations in which it is present, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Thus, within this framework, and through the “Beaches Program”, Grupo Piñero is going to invest between 2020 and 2024 close to 3 million euros in the Coastal Restoration Plan; 1.7 million euros to Sargassum Management; and 200,000 euros for studies and projects aimed at restoring the coasts. With the implementation of these actions, the company seeks to optimize the management of the beaches, promoting those mechanisms to mitigate erosion and strengthen the stability of these natural spaces in all its destinations.

Since 2020, the company has been immersed in the execution of these initiatives and thanks to the development of several projects, the restoration of 600 meters of dune in Mexico has been achieved so far.

"At Grupo Piñero we are aware that natural resources are one of our most precious assets and, as such, we work every day to protect them and guarantee their management in a sustainable manner," says Isabel Piñero, CSO Chief Sustainability Officer of Grupo Piñero. To which he adds, "the important investment that we are going to dedicate to the "Beach Program" of our Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan, materializes this firm commitment that we have acquired to have a positive impact on the environment, with the purpose of building a future more sustainable for future generations to enjoy.”

Promoting the protection of marine ecosystems in society
On the occasion of the International Beach Cleaning Day, which this year is celebrated on September 17, Grupo Piñero is going to carry out different activities with the aim of raising awareness in society about the importance of caring for and respecting the coasts, as well as inviting them to actively participate in their protection.

Specifically, the hotels and resorts that the company manages under the Bahia Principe brand will involve their guests and collaborators in various beach cleaning activities.

In addition, through the “Somos Ecoístas” movement, a project promoted by the company to promote the mobilization and action of the entire society with the aim of working together in favor of our planet, citizens will also be encouraged to participate actively in cleaning the beaches wherever they are.


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