SKY is positioned as the most punctual low cost airline in the continent

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SKY is positioned as the most punctual low cost airline in the continent
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September 20, 2022

The Chilean firm reached an index of 89.1% in August according to the information provider of the sector OAG

According to the latest punctuality report delivered by the company specialized in the analysis of the aviation sector OAG, SKY is ranked as the most punctual low cost airline in America and as the second most punctual in the general ranking.

The company achieved a score of 89.1%, an excellent performance that makes it stand out from the low cost competition on the continent. This score refers to the flights that arrive or depart from the airports, it is a range no greater than 15 minutes from the scheduled time.

The August recognition is added to the one obtained in May, where the airline was recognized as the most punctual in all categories by the Cirium rating agency, demonstrating that the commitment to passengers is daily and constant in its operations.

“We are proud that this international aviation classification company positions us in the number one position of the most punctual low cost airlines in its ranking. For us, it is very important to comply with the times offered to our passengers, which is why we challenge ourselves day by day to continue improving our indicators. Our goal is for people not only to be able to fly in the newest fleet in the Americas, but also in the most punctual,” said José Raúl Vargas, Director of Operations at SKY.

The OAG report accesses monthly on-time flight statistics for more than 500 global airlines and 1,200 airports. As explained by the executive, at SKY punctuality indicators are reviewed daily and how to continue improving them is analyzed weekly.

The most modern fleet on the continent
The Swiss company CH-Aviation, provider of intelligence and aviation data analysis, recognized SKY for the second consecutive year, in first place in the ranking of the youngest airlines in the region, consolidating itself as the airline with the newest fleet in South America and the second worldwide in 2022, with just 1.99 years old.

SKY closed its fleet renewal in 2021 with a total of 28 aircraft, of which 25 are A320neo and 3 A321neo, becoming the only airline with 100% neo aircraft, whose main advantage is increased efficiency in use of fuel and the reduction of CO2 emissions from the aircraft.


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