Dominican Republic, Colombia and Mexico lead the recovery of air traffic in LAC

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Dominican Republic, Colombia and Mexico lead the recovery of air traffic in LAC
Source: MINTUR
September 20, 2022

Latin America and the Caribbean continues to be the world region with the greatest recovery from its pre-pandemic levels

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) passenger traffic continues to recover faster than the rest of the regions, reaching 90.5% of its July 2019 levels, followed by Africa with 87% and North America with 85%.
By July 2022, three countries in the region stand out in the international market that have exceeded the levels reached in 2019: the Dominican Republic, which reached 116% compared to 2019, that is, 16% growth. Followed by Colombia (109%) and Mexico (106%).
The ALTA Traffic Report shows that in the month of July 2022, 29.7 million passengers were transported in the region and, in the accumulated January-July, 183.9 million passengers, which represents 13% less than their 2019 levels.
Domestic air transport, not being impacted by international traffic restrictions, has recovered faster. By July 2022 Mexico reached 106%, Brazil reached 90%. Of the total passengers transported in July, domestic passengers represented 68.7%.
“Colombia achieved an outstanding recovery in the first half of the year with a growth of 26% compared to its 2019 levels. Brazil continues to improve, reaching 90% of its 2019 levels. The continuous elimination of restrictions on international traffic has been critical to achieve this . Looking to the future, we know that the population will continue to require air transport, however, to make it truly possible for more people to use this means of transport, we need to continue reducing costs associated with fees and taxes, as well as continue optimizing regulations that generate inefficiencies,” says José Ricardo Botelho, executive director and CEO of the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA).
In terms of relative capacity, that is seats per kilometer (ASK), it is observed that the domestic is 2.9 above its 2019 levels. The load factor reached 83.3%, 4.4 points below 2019. The domestic was 81.8% while the intra-LAC was 78.8% and the extra-LAC 85.5%.
The ALTA Traffic Report is available here: https://bit.ly/3qKUsfv.


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