WTM Latin America confirms the agenda for the 2023 edition

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WTM Latin America confirms the agenda for the 2023 edition
Source: WTM Latin America
September 21, 2022

The event will take place from April 3 to 5 in the white and green pavilions of the Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, under the theme "Explore New Horizons" and as part of the celebration of its 10th anniversary.

Discover, innovate and learn. It is based on this motto that WTM Latin America confirms the date of 2023 and prepares the entire thematic grid of the event. Under the theme "Explore New Horizons", great tourism leaders and professionals interested in doing business with the Latin American trade will meet at the Expo Center Norte, from April 3 to 5 of next year, in the white and green pavilions, to make new contacts, rediscover allies and keep abreast of the latest developments and trends in the sector.

 “This year's event was a great success because it boosted business at an important time, which consolidated it as the face-to-face setting for the resumption of Latin American tourism. Now, we are looking to the future and not back, which translates into the motto of the 2023 edition. We want to support the sector in building a new time and heading for new horizons, based on discoveries, innovation and learning” , sums up Simon Mayle, director of WTM Latin America.

The focus on business continues to be what guides all activities. “We bring a qualified public to meet the most relevant people through the Hosted Buyers and WTM Buyers' Club programs, aimed at national and international buyers, and the Agent on Route, which enables the participation of travel agents from all over Brazil, in addition to other tourism professionals. Everyone can organize their day on the meeting scheduling platform, which allows them to find new contacts and boost their business”, reinforces Mayle.

Another milestone of WTM Latin America is the content presented in the theaters that develop the thematic axes of the event. “What we saw this year were full stalls and it will be no different in 2023, as we will continue to bring the main trends and cases that help drive business and support each individual in their professional improvement, in addition to positively provoking people, with the objective of promoting change”, promises the director.

This call for a better world is even more evident with the Responsible Tourism Awards. As part of the Global Responsible Tourism Awards family, the awards for the third edition will be awarded during WTM Latin America to Latin American companies that stand out in the field of sustainable development, validating good practices and providing replicable models.

Mayle anticipates that the themes chosen to be developed in the diversity and inclusion theme will continue with the double role of highlighting successful initiatives and fostering change through reflection on issues such as the participation of women in tourism, the development of Afro-tourism, the LGBTQIA+ population, initiatives aimed at travel for the disabled and other issues that permeate the universe of diversity.

In addition to the wealth of content it offers and the reflection it proposes, WTM Latin America continues to be one of the main venues for the exposure of hundreds of national and international brands that want to strategically relate to the B2B universe. Exhibitors from all over the world participate in the event with the aim of connecting Latin America with the world and the world with Latin America.

Among other segments, the exhibitors represent, at a national and international level, destinations, hotels and resorts, airlines, DMC, technology companies, car rental companies, as well as tour operators, in this sense, the Tour Operators Area has been growing to throughout the editions and becoming a great reference in WTM Latin America.

The total opening of Latin America to travel will further enrich the programming in 2023, in addition to expanding the number of exhibitors and visitors from the region, bringing more options for doing business. "All the countries made the requirements more flexible and people began to travel again, which guarantees a greater participation of exhibitors and visitors from other countries in the region to next year's event and expands the possibilities in this exploration of new horizons, always keeping in mind The ability to learn and develop to navigate this new stage of tourism counts,” Mayle highlights.


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