Varied tourist offers of Uruguay at EXPO PRADO

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Varied tourist offers of Uruguay at EXPO PRADO
Source: MINTUR
September 21, 2022

After 10 days, the event culminated with the participation of the 19 municipalities of the country, a large influx of public and the visit of President Lacalle Pou

After 10 days, Expo Prado 2022 ended with the participation of the country's 19 municipalities, a large influx of people, the visit of the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, the Vice President of the Republic, Beatriz Argimón, and several government figures. who were present both in the presentations, tastings and artistic proposals.
[President Luis Lacalle Pou present at the Ministry of Tourism stand at Expo Prado 2022]

The presentations of the municipalities were by region for two days, there were present not only departmental authorities and tourism directorates, but also private operators and producers showing their offers.

On Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th it was the turn of the Northern Region, where Tacuarembó showed a consolidated destination such as San Gregorio de Polanco and other emerging ones such as Las Quebradas del Norte.

Among the presentations, the press conference of the official grill competition was held with representatives from all the Departments and endorsed by the Uruguayan Grill Association, the Pan-American Grill Confederation and declared of tourist interest by the Ministry of Tourism. This event, which will officiate as a qualifying competition for the next Grill World Cup, will be held on November 12, in the city of Tacuarembo.

For its part, Cerro Largo presented the historical cultural destinations, nature, events, Lake Merín, business and the equinox project of the equestrian village.

In addition, the Uruguayan Society of Rural Tourism promoted the rural passport that is currently in force for those tourists who go to visit rural establishments throughout the country and who have access to benefits and discounts.

In the middle of the week it was the South Central Region that came to the stand with various proposals, from gastronomy with a show cooking by Nilson Viazzo with products from the five departments, as well as artistic shows, press conferences, book presentations among others.

Between the visits during the presentations of the President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou spoke with the entrepreneurs of alfajores, honey, cheese as well as those who are dedicated to textiles.

On Thursday and Friday, the departments of the eastern region dressed the stand with entrepreneurs linked to olive crops, the flavors of Rocha, Cordero Esteño, as well as the press conference where the National Chorizo ​​Festival was presented, to be held in Pan de Azúcar .

From Lavalleja and Treinta y Tres, cultural identity was approached with a craft fair that brought entrepreneurs who work with wool and leather from the areas.

This last weekend was the turn for the Coastal Region, there again the fire was the center of attention for the thousands of people who passed through the streets of the Expo Prado.

From Paysandú, the Gastronomic Observatory and the departmental barbecue championship were presented, Soriano presented the details of the next Spring Festival as well as wine tastings and art in barrels.

For Río Negro it was important to show the identity of the department with its typical costumes of the Russian people, what tourist spots there are to visit as well as tastings of the flavors that attract all who arrive there.

From the 19 departments, artistic shows that ranged from candombe, folklore, dances, choirs, soloists, among others, came daily.

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