Buenos Aires seeks to position as a tourist destination in Madrid and Rome

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Buenos Aires seeks to position as a tourist destination in Madrid and Rome
Source: Buenos Aires Ciudad
September 21, 2022

Visit Buenos Aires, the city's public-private international promotion agency, carried out actions with tour operators and the press in European cities.

With the objective of positioning the City as the most attractive destination in Latin America, with a focus on the strategic segments MICE, luxury tourism and LGBTQ+, an intense work agenda was carried out in the capitals of Spain and Italy, which they constitute two of the main markets of the city at a global level. In 2019, Madrid ranked fifth in the ranking of foreign tourist arrivals, while Rome ranked eighth.
“Having presented the attractions of the City in the two most emissive destinations in Europe is extremely important for us, since this type of exchange of experiences collaborates with the recovery of the sector. We know that this recovery has a ceiling if a competitive air connectivity policy is not carried out, as well as an articulated offer with the private sector and joint work with the main destinations. We are complementary at the tourism level and it is up to us to work so that the numbers of the industry at an international level continue to grow," said Lucas Delfino, President of the Tourism Entity of the City of Buenos Aires and member of the Board of Visit Buenos Aires.

In the month of March of the current year, Visit Buenos Aires signed a cooperative promotion agreement with Iberia with the aim of carrying out different joint actions to promote the arrival of Spanish tourists to Buenos Aires.

As part of this agreement, on September 13, a destination presentation was made for 40 tour operators and outgoing travel agents from the Spanish capital who were convened jointly with Iberia. This event took place in the morning at the Hotel Riu Plaza España, and all the latest news from the city were presented.

“We found great interest in the destination from travel agents and the press from both Spain and Italy. Buenos Aires is a destination with great potential for these markets, we hope to soon recover the number of tourists from 2019 and then continue to grow” commented Karina Perticone, Executive Director of Visit Buenos Aires

That same day at night, the Spanish press was summoned to an exclusive event in Moncloa's Dome 360, located in the Gardens of the University of Agricultural Engineers. The journalists participated in an immersive experience to discover Buenos Aires in a unique way.

Along with Lucas Delfino and Karina Perticone, who presented the city, Horacio Reinoso, Chief of Staff of the General Secretariat and International Relations of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, and Daniel Prieto, President of the AHRCC representing the private sector.

"This intervention seeks to strengthen the existing links with the mother country and create a new concept of the Madrid-Buenos Aires relationship; more interactive, of exchange between the gastronomic and hotel sectors," said Daniel Prieto, President of the AHRCC.

In addition, on Monday the 12th, the Visit BA team held various one-on-one meetings with the main players in the Spanish outbound tourism market; and with his peers from Madrid Destino, represented by Consuelo Sánchez, Market Manager Latin America & Portugal and Caroline Tensi, Connectivity Manager.

 A Buenos Aires night in Rome
 On Thursday 15 Visit Buenos Aires, held an event in conjunction with the Argentine Embassy in Rome in which the main tour operators and Italian press participated. It took place in the brand new restaurant "Il Porteño" where for a few hours the attendees could feel in Buenos Aires and enjoy Argentine gastronomy in a very Buenos Aires environment.

Lucas Delfino together with Vanesa Di Martino Creide, head of tourism promotion at the Argentine Embassy in Italy, gave a presentation of the city and later a relaxed press conference was held where the main media in Rome and Milan interviewed Lucas Delfino and Karina Perticone.

Likewise, the Visit BA delegation met with the Argentine Ambassador in Italy, Roberto Carlés, where, together with Vanesa Di Martino Creide, they discussed future actions to promote the city in Italy.

The markets of Spain and Italy
 Spain is one of the main sources of tourists to the city of Buenos Aires. This market was in fifth place in the ranking of foreign tourist arrivals in 2019, falling to seventh in 2022.
During the first 5 months of 2022 (January to May), 688,000 international travelers entered our country, 30,000 of Spanish origin, according to data provided by the National Directorate of Migration. For the same period 2019, the Spanish travelers who entered were 55 thousand, which implies a drop of 46%.

This drop is also reflected in air connectivity. In the first half of 2019, as reported by Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, the weekly frequencies of flights from Spain averaged 39, with a peak of 42 in January 2019, while during the same period of 2022, the average frequency stood at 28 per month, thus establishing a drop of 28% compared to the same period in 2019.

For its part, the Italian market in 2019 was just below the Spanish (eighth place), moving to 11th in 2022.

Between January and May, 18,000 tourists of Italian origin entered. For the same period in 2019 there were 44 thousand, which implies a drop of 60%.

This decrease in the number of tourists has to do fundamentally with the reduction in flights after the pandemic. In the first half of 2019, the weekly frequencies of flights from Italy averaged 14. During the same period of 2022, the average number of frequencies stood at 2 weekly, thus establishing a drop of 86% compared to the same period of 2019.

It is necessary to mention that during the first 5 months of 2022 there were no connections with Italy, connectivity was recovered with 8 average weekly flights between June and July.

As for the average expenditure per trip, it was 1,013 dollars for Italian tourists and 926 for Spaniards.


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